The best portable electric heaters

Electric heaters span a variety of styles, sizes and efficient heating technologies. However, when it comes to sheer convenience, it's hard to beat the versatility of portable electric heaters. Designed to top up the warmth in hard-to-heat spaces, or as on-demand comfort when full home heating isn’t required, our range guarantees luxury at the best prices. Let’s take a look at the five best portable electric heaters so you can decide which is the best fit for your space.

The benefits of portable electric heaters

DIY-friendly installation

Designed for supplementary warmth, portable heaters don’t need hardwiring to the mains. Attach the feet, plug in, and start heating it’s that simple.

Low maintenance

With no risk of carbon monoxide, there’s zero need for annual callouts. The odd clean with a damp cloth is all the upkeep a portable heater needs.

Cost-effective warmth

Heat your space effectively without having to turn on the heating elsewhere, reducing energy usage and running costs.

Lightweight & slimline

Easy to carry, they can be placed wherever you need them, delivering optimal warmth from a compact and discreet package.

Intelligent programming

Precision thermostats, 24/7 programming and energy-saving features all come as standard, with many of our portable heaters also WiFi ready straight out of the box.

Flexible fitting

All of our portable heaters come with wall brackets included, giving you the option to choose a permanent mounting location down the line.

1. Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

At a glance:

Key features:

  • Heat-retentive ceramic core 
  • Integrated WiFi & voice control 
  • Motion Sensor Mode

Our bestseller, the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic, is the embodiment of efficiency and modernity. Offering a wealth of control options, including manual adjustment, WiFi programming, and hands-free voice control, the iQ Ceramic goes a step further with its Motion Sensor Mode. This innovative feature responds to your presence, automatically turning on and off as needed, allowing you to go about your day without worrying about energy waste. While it comes ready for wall-mounting, you also have the flexibility to purchase radiator feet, transforming it into a portable heater that effortlessly adapts to your needs.

By using an even split of convection and radiant heat, it delivers unparalleled efficiency, rapidly warming your space while also retaining heat deep in its core.

The iQ Ceramic features a heat-retentive ceramic core, ensuring lasting warmth even after it's powered down. By using an even split of convection and radiant heat, it delivers unparalleled efficiency, rapidly warming your space while also retaining heat deep in its core. Safety features such as a thermal limiter provide peace of mind, removing the risk of overheating. With all these advantages and more, the iQ Ceramic stands as a modern heating powerhouse, offering convenience, efficiency, and style from one elegant package.

This classic colourway blends effortlessly with any design scheme.

This slate black finish adds a touch of elegance that’s both stylish and daring.

Check out our review of the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic - touching on design, installation and smart control.

2. Ecostrad iQ Plus

At a glance:

  • Smart electric panel heater 
  • From £199.99 
  • Feet included with purchase

Key features:

  • Fast-acting aluminium element 
  • Silent TRIAC digital thermostat 
  • Low Surface Temperature setting

With a super-slim 52mm profile, the Ecostrad iQ Plus sets a new standard for discreet, portable heating. This electric panel heater sports a powerful aluminium X bar element that heats purely through convection: the air that passes through the heater is warmed up and released back into the room, creating a toasty current that circulates the entire space. With the iQ Plus, you can enjoy rapid and consistent heating for as long as you desire, making it effortless to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Equipped with a precision-engineered Silent TRIAC Digital Thermostat, it offers temperature accuracy within ±0.5ºC. Easily access a wide range of control features through its integrated control panel or take heat management to the next level with WiFi app and voice control. Energy-saving features like open window detection and the Low Surface Temperature setting add that extra level of convenience and safety. So, say goodbye to chilly spaces and hello to comfort with the Ecostrad iQ Plus electric panel heater. 

3. Ecostrad Klasse iQ

At a glance:

Key features:

  • Heat-retentive deep ribbed design 
  • Patented ‘Magmatic’ ceramic stone tablets 
  • Integrated WiFi & voice control

The Klasse iQ combines ultimate efficiency with portable convenience, marking a new era in home heating excellence.

The Ecostrad Klasse iQ is the result of Germany’s leading experts in electric heating, manufactured using the finest materials and a quality control process that is second to none. Offering the flexibility to convert both the low and horizontal versions into freestanding heaters, the Klasse iQ combines ultimate efficiency with portable convenience, marking a new era in home heating excellence. Within its heat-retentive deep ribbed surface, specially engineered ceramic stone tablets deliver a 50:50 blend of convection and radiant warmth. This results in an even spread of heat from floor to ceiling, with the results still noticeable long after the radiator has stopped drawing power.

Fitted with a highly sophisticated LED display panel, manual navigation is effortless. But if smart control is what you’re after, there’s no extras necessary – simply connect the Klasse iQ to the internet and make instant changes with your smartphone or home voice assistant. Packed full of energy-saving features, managing running costs is a breeze. So, don’t miss the chance to experience a truly “first-Klasse” heating solution with the Ecostrad Klasse iQ.

This classic orientation exudes elegance, complementing existing heaters and your home’s overall design scheme.

With a reduced height of 340mm, the low version offers an unobtrusive heating solution for that extra level of discreetness.

4. Moda Onyx & Opal

At a glance:

  • Smart electric panel heaters 
  • £119.99 
  • Feet included with purchase 

Key features:

  • Powerful aluminium bar element 
  • Full & half power modes 
  • 24-hour timer function

For budget-friendly warmth, Moda’s range of smart electric panel heaters tick every box. Warming the surrounding air using 100% convection, the Onyx and Opal deliver robust, responsive heat thanks to their durable aluminium housing. With both feet and wall brackets included in your purchase, flexible mounting is the name of the game, ensuring you feel the comfort wherever you go.

Make the most of weekly scheduling, a 24-hour timer, and three heating modes to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. 

Experience user-friendly programming with the dimmable touchscreen display, or take it a step further with WiFi app and voice control. Make the most of weekly scheduling, a 24-hour timer, and three heating modes to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. With a keypad lock, your settings remain secure, and the precise thermostat ensures temperature accuracy within ±1°C. It’s Moda’s guarantee that you’ll benefit from top-quality heating without breaking the bank – to learn more, be sure to check out our deep dive.

With a completely smooth façade, subtle indents on the Moda Opal create a gentle curved effect to complement its elegant design.

Available in black & white, the Moda Onyx's smooth glass front is embellished with four raised nodes on each corner, creating a delicate frame effect.

5. Haverland RC Wave

At a glance:

Key features:

  • Fast-acting dry thermal elements 
  • Bluetooth app control 
  • 24/7 programming 

The Haverland RC Wave is a budget-friendly, stylish heater boasting a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body. With its sleek, ultra-slim curved frame and dry thermal elements, it doesn't just look good; it heats up extremely quickly. In fact, you’ll be able to enjoy max temperatures in just 15 minutes of switch-on. Plus, since the RC Wave is incredibly lightweight (starting at just 4.8kg) it ensures easy portability to your desired spot. 

Thanks to its silent TRIAC thermostat, effortlessly finetune temperatures with precision down to ±0.5 ºC. Take full control of your heating costs by setting up weekly schedules and utilising energy-saving features such as open window detection and adaptive start. Do all this effortlessly through the touch-responsive panel, or even better, use your smartphone with the Haverland BT app. With innovative Bluetooth control, turn your smartphone into a handy remote no direct line of sight required. Revolutionise your heating experience with the Haverland RC Wave, bringing waves of warmth to over 40,000 customers and counting!

Scratching your head over the differences between electric radiators and panel heaters? Check out this video.

Enjoy unmatched convenience with portable electric heaters

So, whether you need to warm up a chilly corner, save on energy costs by heating only the spaces you use, or want to simply enjoy the flexibility of portable heating, our top picks have you covered. Stay warm and comfortable while enjoying unmatched convenience your ideal heating solution is just a click away. Browse our full range of freestanding electric radiators and portable electric heaters now, or get in touch with our friendly support team if you have any questions.

Key learnings

Portable electric heaters are designed as the perfect supplementary heating solution, ensuring comfort alongside your primary system or for occasional use. 

Electric panel heaters offer dual mounting options with both feet and wall brackets for ultimate versatility. 

While the feet come separately, electric radiators offer enhanced energy efficiency and the potential for future use as a primary wall-mounted heater. 

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