Why You Need to Buy an Electric Heater with an Accurate Thermostat


When buying a new heater there are several things you might consider before making a purchase. Does it have smart control? What are the programming capabilities? Perhaps you’re even thinking about the efficiency an appliance has to offer. These are all very valid questions, but one thing you should also be considering is whether or not the heater comes with a precise thermostat. There are a number of reasons why one will benefit your heating system, which is why we’re going to show you exactly why you need to buy an electric heater with an accurate thermostat

What are the benefits of an accurate thermostat?

An accurate thermostat gives you precise control over the temperature in your home. It measures and maintains the warmth of any room for a more efficient heating system. There are three main advantages to using one:

1. Precise heat management

RC Wave ThermostatThere’s little risk of temperature fluctuation, so if you set your heater to 20 °C, you’ll pretty much get 20 °C. Older, manual thermostats tend to drift away from their set temperature sometimes by a couple of degrees, which is why you end up feeling either too hot or too cold and have to keep adjusting the temperature in order to be comfortable. An accurate thermostat doesn’t have this problem as it stays within a fraction of a degree of your set preference. Many of our electric heaters come with thermostats that are accurate by as much as ±0.5 °C, for precise temperature control over your heating. This means that if you do set your heater to 20 °C, it will only drift to 20.5 °C or 19.5 °C, giving you better reliability when it comes to your heating.  

2. Saves energy

An accurate thermostat ensures that your heating is running optimally and economically, keeping every room at your desired temperature without under or overheating them. It automatically adjusts temperatures to suit your preferred settings, for example if the temperature in the room goes above your set level, the thermostat will detect this and cut power to your heater. Similarly, if the temperature dips, the thermostat will turn the heater back on to top up the warmth in the room. This means your heaters aren’t continuously pumping out warmth when it isn’t needed, so your home remains at the perfect temperature and your energy usage is kept to a minimum.

3. Reduces running costs

As you see a decrease in your energy usage, you will also see a decrease in your running costs because you’ll be using less electricity to maintain the right level of heat in your home. This is why an accurate thermostat is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your monthly outgoings too.   

What type of thermostat is the most accurate?

A digital thermostat is one of the best solutions for controlling the temperature in your home. With a clear display, easy programming and a built-in sensor, it offers more exact readings, better temperature control and improved efficiency over your heating.

Mechanical vs digital thermostats

Technotherm KS DSM Smart Heat Retention RadiatorYou’re probably already familiar with a mechanical thermostat, which is the most basic of its kind. It usually consists of a dial that you can turn in order to set your preferred temperature level. This type of thermostat is easy to use and has simple controls, but it does have one major drawback: it lacks accuracy. This is because mechanical thermostats are fitted with a metal strip or coil which expands when the temperature increases and contracts when it cools, telling your heating when to turn on and off. This is a highly unresponsive process which is why these thermostats often fluctuate when it comes to temperature settings and your heaters end up consuming more energy, creating a less efficient system. They also require manual adjustments which means they don’t have the programming features that other, more modern thermostats do.

Fortunately, we’ve moved on from the mechanical thermostat to its more advanced successor, the digital thermostat. Like many modern thermostats, digital ones come with an electronic sensor that gives more accurate temperature readings. In fact, some digital thermostats – like the one built into the Technotherm KS DSM – are so precise that they offer as much as ±0.1 °C accuracy, guaranteeing superior efficiency over your heating. Fully programmable, these thermostats let you set up a heating schedule to suit your own routine, which means no longer having to manually adjust the temperature every time you get home from work. Some are available with pre-set modes such as holiday and anti-frost mode, and many come with an intuitive interface that’s clear and simple to use, making heating your home easier than ever. Ultimately, digital thermostats give you a better indication of the temperature in the room, allowing for a level of accuracy that was previously unobtainable.

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Efficiency is key when it comes to heating your home, which is why it should be a top priority when shopping for a new heating appliance. One of the simplest ways you can achieve improved efficiency is by buying an electric heater with an accurate digital thermostat. From our intuitive and bestselling product, the RC Wave, to the sleek and sophisticated Ecostrad iQ Ceramic, we have something to suit every preference. So, if you’re considering upgrading your system, why not take a look at our range and get the best heating solution for your home today?

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