What are the best electric panel heaters 2023?

If you want responsive, on-demand warmth for your home, look no further than electric panel heaters. While they may look similar to electric radiators, panel heaters differ by being all about those lightning-quick results. Designed for occasional use when the temperature needs topping up, panel heaters are the ideal solution for when your home’s primary heat source just won’t cut it. What should you be looking for when choosing an electric panel heater? Well, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it and collated our favourites for 2023. Let’s check them out.

The benefits of electric panel heaters

Flexible installation

Designed to be flexible, mount your panel heater on the wall or opt for a freestanding unit. As long as there’s a 3-pin plug socket handy, your panel heater can be set up anywhere you need it.

Discreet & slimline

Out in the open or tucked away, these slimline heaters can hide in the smallest of spaces and bring heat into a room almost unnoticed.

Fast heat-up times

Using 100% convected heat, panel heaters work by warming the air that passes through the heater which then heats the surrounding area, resulting in incredibly responsive warmth.


As panel heaters are designed as a supplementary heat source, they don’t need to be hardwired to the mains: simply plug them in and reap the benefits instantly.

Maintenance free

Simple and safe, panel heaters don’t require costly callouts or mandatory servicing.


Lot 20 compliant

Our heaters all meet Lot 20 efficiency requirements under the Ecodesign Directive to keep running costs at an absolute minimum. Learn more about Lot 20 here.

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Ecostrad iQ Plus: instant heat, intelligent control

At a glance

  • Price – From £199.99
  • Wattage (w) – 500-2500
  • Heats from – 5-25m²
  • Colour(s) – White
  • Programming – Touchscreen control panel | WiFi app control | Voice control
  • Compatible with – Ecostrad Ecosystem app | Smart Life app | Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Top 5 features

  • Smart WiFi App & Voice Control
  • Silent TRIAC Digital Thermostat
  • Low Surface Temperature Setting
  • Open Window Detection
  • Feet & Wall Brackets Included

Our slimmest panel heater yet, the Ecostrad iQ Plus has a depth of just 52mm for completely discreet top-up heating. Fitted with a highly efficient aluminium X bar element, the heater boasts a rapid-quick heat transfer, for optimal room temperatures in minutes. For precision heating, the iQ Plus is fitted with a Silent TRIAC Digital Thermostat which gauges temperatures as accurately as ±0.5ºC. Access a range of control features, including 24/7 programming, via the integrated panel at the top of the unit. Every aspect of the iQ Plus combines seamlessly – for a sleek, uninterrupted look that's ideal for the modern home.

Take heat management to the next level with WiFi app and voice control. With the Ecostrad Ecosystem app, pair the iQ Plus with the rest of your Ecostrad smart heaters for a fully synchronised system. Take advantage of its many energy-saving features including open window detection and the Low Surface Temperature setting, for that extra bit of safety around pets and children.

The Ecostrad iQ Plus can be installed as either a portable unit or mounted to the wall – add all this up and it isn’t hard to see why it's one of the best electric panel heaters for 2023.

Moda Onyx: smart heating for the smart home

At a glance

  • Price – £119.99
  • Wattage (w) – 2000
  • Heats up to – 20m²
  • Colour(s) –  White | Black
  • Programming – Touchscreen control panel | WiFi app control | Voice control
  • Compatible with – Smart Life app | Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Top 5 features

  • Integrated WiFi & Voice Control
  • Full & Half Power Modes
  • 24/7 Programming
  • Anti-Frost, Economy & Comfort Modes
  • Portable & Wall-Mounted DIY-Installation

The Moda Onyx is a premium electric panel heater at great value. Behind its smooth glass front is a powerful aluminium bar element that heats the surrounding air, for comfortable and efficient warmth year-round. Best suited for hard-to-heat areas or lesser used rooms, the Onyx will make itself right at home with both wall mounting or freestanding installation.

Access the dimmable touchscreen interface to adjust temperatures and heating modes. There’s even a timer function adjustable for up to 24 hours – the ultimate approach to set-and-forget heating! The Onyx also comes WiFi ready for when you’re on the go. With a few swipes of your smart device, access its full programming modes for an energy-saving, cost-cutting approach to heat management.

A bold black colourway adds a splash of sophistication to its glass façade and curved corners.

A glossy white finish adds a subtle elegance, aiding in its discreetness.

Whether it’s setting weekly schedules or applying the half power mode, the heater will respond instantly to adjustments for ultimate convenience, making the Moda Onyx one of our favourite electric panel heaters of 2023.

Moda Opal: intuitive heating in a discreet package

At a glance

  • Price – £119.99
  • Wattage (w) – 2000
  • Heats up to – 20m²
  • Colour(s) – White
  • Programming – Touchscreen control panel | WiFi app control | Voice control
  • Compatible with – Smart Life app | Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Top 5 features

  • Integrated WiFi Control
  • Alexa & Google Voice Control
  • In-built Child Lock Function
  • 24-Hour Timer Function
  • Easy DIY fitting

The Moda Opal’s understated, minimalist aesthetic is the ideal complement to any design scheme. Warming the surrounding air using 100% convection, the Opal delivers instant, robust heat from its durable aluminium housing. With smart control, pair your Opal to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistant: adjust your heater’s temperature, heating mode, set timers and more – all it takes is a simple voiced command. Fitted with a precision thermostat, the Opal measures temperatures as accurately as ± 1°C to ensure steady temperatures without fluctuation – ensuring no energy is wasted and keeping costs down.

When not using WiFi control, the Opal has an in-built control panel, integrated seamlessly so as not to take away from its subtle visual. Timers, schedules and heating modes are all accessible from the easy-to-use touchscreen interface – you can even keep kids from accidentally altering the Opal’s programming with the nifty keypad lock. With heater feet and wall mounting brackets included with every purchase, installation is quick, flexible, and can be done straight out of the box – no extras or costly callouts required.

Sleek, smart and intuitive, the Moda Opal is one of the best electric panel heaters for 2023.

Your ideal electric panel heater is a few clicks away

Now you have our recommendations, it’s time to weigh up the options to decide which electric panel heater is right for you. If you’d like to learn more about our products, get in touch for a no obligation free quote from our expert heating consultants today.


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Key learnings

  • Lightweight, portable, and with quick heat-up times - electric panel heaters are the answer to supplementary heating.
  • Ecostrad iQ Plus – an ultra slimline heater with powerful efficiency and safety features. Pair it with the rest of your Ecostrad smart heaters for next-level heating.
  • Moda Onyx – premium quality at great value. Take advantage of its smart features including WiFi app and voice control for next-level convenience.
  • Moda Opal – intuitive heating and a minimalist aesthetic make for a highly efficient and responsive panel heater for your home.