Electric Pergola Heaters

There's nothing better than spending time in the garden and with our range of electric pergola heaters, you can relax in guaranteed warmth. Featuring a variety of luxury designs that are both stylish and DIY friendly, our pergola heaters will take any outdoor space to the next level. Designed specifically for efficient and reliable heating, they’re a must-have for those nights out on the patio. So, take a look at our collection of electric pergola heaters to find the best model suited to your space.

A heater’s suitability for use on any structure has to fall in line with the guidance given in the manual.

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Why are electric outdoor heaters perfect for pergolas?

A serene reading spot or a handy shelter from the sun's rays, pergolas make an elegant and eye-catching addition to any outdoor space. Their exposed nature is perfect at catching a breeze in warm weather but can be uninviting once the cooler evenings set in. Installing an electric outdoor heater is a quick and simple task that will extend the use of your pergola after the sun goes in, even throughout the chillier months too. Electric outdoor heaters use infrared, a robust and efficient form of heat that warms surrounding people and objects directly. This means the chances of that warmth being lost to wind is significantly reduced, making infrared the natural choice for outdoor heating.

The benefits of electric heating for pergolas

    Striking Modern Design

    With a range of style options available, there's something to perfectly suit your outdoor space.

  • Timer Functionality

    Many pergola heaters come with timer functions, so it’s no issue if turning off your heater happens to slip your mind.

    Easy DIY Installation

    If your garden is kitted out with an electricity supply and a suitable plug socket, our electric outdoor heaters are DIY-friendly.

    100% Efficient

    At point of use, all of our electric heaters are 100% efficient, meaning any energy they consume is transferred into usable heat.

    Precise Temperature Control

    With their straightforward controls, making sure your pergola’s heating only runs when you need it to is effortless.

  • Versatile Fitting

    Many of our outdoor heaters can be wall mounted or freestanding, offering superior levels of versatility depending on your individual needs.

Stylish & practical outdoor heating

Matching your pergola’s sophisticated aesthetic with an electric heater that’s just as easy on the eye is simple with our broad selection. From the modern look of a sleek metallic honeycomb grill to the more inconspicuous appeal of our ceramic outdoor heaters, there’s no need to compromise on style when it comes to heating your pergola. Many of our heaters emit a warm orange glow when in use, and so double up as a convenient lighting source for two-in-one functionality.