Haverland Electric Radiators

With over 40 years of experience, Haverland are a renowned electric heating brand specialising in the manufacture of innovative, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing electric radiators. With global success, Haverland are considered the market leader in development and innovation for electric radiators – and their refreshingly modern products represent the pinnacle of design and quality. At Electric Radiators Direct, we’re proud to stock an extensive collection of Haverland products. From elegant towel rails, for bathroom use; specially designed conservatory radiators, perfect for combatting conservatory chills; to super-smart, intuitive electric radiators for intelligent home heating. Whatever your heating requirements, at Electric Radiators Direct, we’re sure to stock the right Haverland radiators for you.

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Why Should I Choose Haverland Electric Radiators?

Haverland are a renowned heating giant with decades of experience creating controllable, energy-efficient heating solutions. Haverland electric radiators encompass a range of different designs using different heating technology, ensuring there’s always a heating system to suit your space – whether you need a dedicated conservatory electric radiator, self-programming smart electric radiator, or something for every room of the home.

The Benefits of Haverland Electric Radiators

  • Trusted & Renowned Manufacturer

    Haverland are an established heating brand with decades of experience and our Haverland radiators range encompasses some of their best products.

  • Innovative Heating Technology

    Haverland radiators are at the leading-edge of the electric heating industry, featuring a wealth of energy-saving features and control options.

  • White & Anthracite Models

    Depending on your preference, you can choose a range of Haverland designer radiators in either white or anthracite finishes to suit your decor.

  • Easy DIY Installation

    All the Haverland electric radiators in our range can be DIY installed with ease. Keep an eye out for the plug and go icons on each of our products to tell at a glance which are DIY appropriate.

  • Precision Temperature Management

    Featuring highly accurate digital thermostats, Haverland electric radiators regulate temperatures with absolute precision, minimising wasted heat and inaccurate readings.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    Haverland electric radiators meet current EU standards with regards to efficiency, offering an optimised, energy-saving heating solution.

What Haverland electric radiators can I choose?

There’s a Haverland electric radiator for every room in the home, offering a highly controllable, energy-efficient alternative to conventional central heating. Our bestselling Haverland designer radiator, the RC Wave can be used throughout the home and is a firm favourite with our customers. Offering detailed digital programming, Bluetooth app compatibility, and a highly accurate thermostat that maintains temperatures with absolute precision, the RC Wave provides a seamless transition to electric heating.

If you’re after a more advanced heating system, the Haverland SmartWave is ideal – boasting the same efficiency, features, and design as the RC Wave but boasting motion-sensing technology, WiFi capability, and voice control using Alexa or Google Home. The perfect choice for smart heating in ultra-modern spaces, the SmartWave is Haverland’s most sophisticated electric radiator.

If you’re trying to keep hard to heat areas warm, such as high-ceilinged rooms, you can opt for a radiator that uses dry stone heating technology, such as the Haverland Inerzia. Dry stone electric radiators use heat retentive thermal bricks to radiate heat with greater intensity, combatting heat loss in awkward or spacious rooms. Haverland also manufacture the RCBL conservatory range that feature larger outputs and reduced heights that make them ideally suited to conservatory dwarf walls.

Whatever your requirements, you’re sure to find them catered for in our range of Haverland electric radiators, and, because electric heating is a modular system, you’re free to choose as many different products as you like, adding individual heaters into your system with ease.

What are the energy-saving features of Haverland electric radiators?

Haverland eco radiators are manufactured with an emphasis on energy-efficiency, boasting a series of energy-saving features designed for the demands of 21st century living. All Haverland electric radiators come with 24/7 digital programmers and precision thermostats, which ensure your spaces are heated exactly when and how you like them. Some Haverland electric radiators also come with open window detection, a feature that briefly stops your heating if a sudden drop in temperature is detected; adaptive start, which allows your radiators to “pre heat” your spaces; and energy monitors, which allow you to view your energy consumption in real time. Each of our Haverland electric radiators come with their own set of energy-saving features, so be sure to look at our full range to find the heating system that suits your needs.