No Glare Outdoor Heaters

No glare infrared heaters offer an extremely efficient method of heating difficult-to-warm places. Like all infrared heaters, they use radiated heat to heat surfaces, objects and people directly, circumventing the problems of convection heating where warm air is lost through draughts and poor insulation. Unlike some infrared heaters, no glare heaters give off no visible light, so you can enjoy the benefits of infrared radiation without the bright orange glow. The far infrared radiation used by no glare heaters provides a gentle, comforting warmth which is subtler but more efficient over time than the heat given off by low glare heaters. This makes them less suitable for exposed locations but ideal for covered but hard-to-heat areas where people spend a lot of time, such as workshops, factories, stadiums. churches and conservatories. ... read more
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What are no glare outdoor heaters?

No glare outdoor heaters are an understated heating solution, supplying effective warmth without any distracting light. Unlike their low glare counterparts, patio heaters with no glare use far infrared warmth, a form of heat more easily absorbed by our skin, making it more effective over a longer period of time. Far infrared does not rely on the heating of a bulb to operate - the reason low glare heaters emit light - and so are a much subtler way to heat both outdoor and indoor spaces. We have a range of no glare patio heaters that are perfect for a variety of applications, so you’re sure to find something to match your needs.

The benefits of no glare outdoor heaters

  • Modern Design

    Our no glare outdoor heaters are stylish and elegant in an understated way, suiting a wide range of properties and applications.

  • Discreet Heating

    Understated designs and zero light make these heaters ideal for areas requiring something more inconspicuous.

  • Easy Installation

    Suitable for wall mounted fitting, no glare outdoor heaters are quick and easy to install.

  • Lasting Warmth

    Far infrared is an especially durable form of heat, which is readily absorbed by people and objects, making it particularly effective outdoors.

  • Simple Temperature Control

    With their simple controllability, managing your patio heater is straightforward, effortlessly keeping running costs in check.

  • Weatherproof Heating

    With robust, splashproof IP ratings, our no glare patio heaters can be safely installed outdoors.

Where can I put a no glare outdoor heater?

No glare heaters are especially effective in less exposed areas, such as garages and warehouses, but also work brilliantly in concealed indoor areas too, like conservatories. Far infrared suits settings that need a steady heat source, but one that isn’t overwhelmingly warm. Their gentle and soothing warmth means no glare patio heaters are usually not powerful enough for completely exposed locations but are the perfect solution for semi-covered spaces used frequently for extended lengths of time.