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Infrared Outdoor Heaters

Favoured for their simple installation, rapid heat time and impressive efficiency, an infrared outdoor heater can help to keep your evenings balmy, long after the sun has gone down, without impacting greatly on your energy bills. Unlike convection heat which allows warm air to escape from poorly insulated or open areas, the infrared waves radiated from the infrared patio heater are unimpeded as they travel directly to their surface or object. Investing in infrared heating can therefore be a smart choice for lower energy consumption when heating gardens and patios, breezy and exposed areas or in a wide range of commercial functions. With wall mounted, freestanding and portable options, as well as a range of compatible accessories designed to enhance your heating experience, our collection is as extensive as it is versatile. Browse our full range now to find your ideal outdoor infrared heater today.

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What is an infrared outdoor heater?

Efficient, intuitive and highly controllable – it’s no wonder that infrared heaters are a popular choice for many. Supplying a deep level of infrared warmth, these heaters warm people, objects and surfaces directly, instead of just the surrounding air, minimising the chances of warmth being lost to draughts and wind. Not only does this boost efficiency, but it helps maintain comfortable heat level in hard-to-heat spaces. They are also equipped with a range of sophisticated control features, like timer functions, making outdoor heat management that much easier. Available in a range of styles and finishes, you can even choose one that best complements your outdoor design scheme, to instantly upgrade the aesthetic of your exterior without any of the hassle.


Energy-efficient outdoor warmth

Infrared outdoor heaters are a prime heating solution that help you save energy and reduce running costs. 100% efficient at point of use, these heaters convert every watt of power drawn from the socket into usable heat, so you know exactly where your money is going. They also come with features that have been specifically designed with convenience and energy-saving in mind. Handy timer functions and a range of heat outputs and remote controls all let you navigate your outdoor heating system with minimal effort, taking the guesswork out of efficiency.

The benefits of infrared outdoor heaters

  • Various Designs

    From different colour finishes to varying designs, our collection of stylish infrared patio heaters can improve any garden.

  • Efficient Warmth

    Converting every watt of energy taken from the wall into usable heat, infrared outdoor heaters are 100% efficient at point of use.

  • Simple Installation

    Compatible with both freestanding and wall mounted installation, many of our patio heaters offer easy DIY fitting.

  • Robust Heating

    Helping to offset colder temperatures with their lasting warmth, our patio heaters are the perfect outdoor heating solution.

  • Convenient Control

    From timers to a range of heat outputs, our infrared patio heaters offer intuitive control that is also easy to navigate.

  • Weatherproof IP Ratings

    With a minimum protection rating of IP55, these heaters are safe for outdoor use, taking the worry out of garden heating.