Electric Gazebo Heaters

Don't let bad weather stop you from having a good time with friends and family in your gazebo. Our versatile range of electric gazebo heaters will keep you warmer, for longer. Portable and easy to use, our outdoor gazebo heaters even come with programming properties, optimising controllability and performance. And with a selection of modern designs to choose from, you can relax in style. So, leave your blankets in the house and embrace the great outdoors. Buy one of our premium electric outdoor heaters today.

A heater's suitability for use on any structure has to fall in line with the guidance given in the manual. 

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What is a gazebo heater?

Ideal for gazebos, our extensive range of infrared patio heaters are designed to warm up both outdoor spaces and sheltered areas, whatever the weather. Rather than heating the surrounding air like convection heaters, our gazebo heaters supply a deep level of radiant warmth that is easily absorbed by people and objects directly, without being lost to any wind or draughts. Easy to install, many of these heaters are compatible with wall, ceiling and freestanding installation – so wherever you chose to place one in your gazebo, you can start enjoying ambient warmth in minutes. Available in a range of contemporary finishes and designs, these heaters also bring a touch of elegance to your favourite garden getaway.

The benefits of gazebo heaters

    Stylish Designs

    Sleek honeycomb grills and compact designs are sure to enhance the overall look of your gazebo, taking garden style to a whole new level.

  • Various Colour Finishes

    From striking silver to contemporary black, our gazebo heaters comes in a range of colourways.

    Straightforward Installation

    Compatible with wall mounted and freestanding fitting, these heaters are quick and easy to install.

    100% Efficient

    Every watt of power drawn from the plug socket is converted into usable warmth for your outdoor space, for maximum efficiency.

    Easy Heat Management

    With a variety of heat outputs, remote controls and handy timer functions, our gazebo heaters let you control your outdoor heating system with ultimate ease.

  • Weatherproof IP Ratings

    All of our gazebo heaters come with a minimum protection rating of IP55, making them completely safe for outdoor use.

Why choose a gazebo heater?

The unpredictable UK weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your gazebo. Whether your outdoor shelter is a cosy social hub or mini garden retreat for you and your book, our gazebo heaters make it possible to enjoy this space all year round. With cutting-edge controllability and robust, energy-efficient warmth, our solutions optimise the outdoor heating experience, even in the chillier months.