Black Towel Rails

A heated towel rail is a multi-purpose essential in a modern minimalist bathroom, efficiently heating the room whilst providing warming storage for towels and keeping them dry for later use. In a contemporary bathroom, a black heated towel rail makes a stark contrast against white tiles, ultimately serving as a bold statement piece and unique focal point. Available in a range of sizes, a sleek and stylish black electric towel rail will instantly update any modern bathroom design. Better yet, our black heated towel rails come with a range of control options, from simple manual adjustment to advanced smart control, offering superior bathroom heat management. ... read more

Style & Control Options

Style Options

From traditional to ultra-modern, white to anthracite we have a style to suit you and your space. style

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Control Options

Each towel rail comes with 4 control options from basic controls to smart advanced energy saving features.

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Why choose a black electric towel rail?

A timeless aesthetic with a modern edge – meet our stylish range of black electric towel rails. Serving as a fresh alternative to the traditional white finish, these heaters add contemporary flare to any décor, taking the overall look of your bathroom to a whole new level. If your space boasts a classic white colour scheme, the slick finish of these heaters is sure to ‘pop’ against the minimalist background, making a scene-stealing statement piece in your bathroom. These heaters also integrate seamlessly into interiors with darker tones, naturally accentuating the existing colour scheme. Whichever aesthetic you’re going for, these sleek towel rails are guaranteed to bring a certain je ne sais quoi to your space. Better yet, many of these energy-efficient towel rails provide a host of smart capabilities, such as cutting-edge WiFi connectivity, for intelligence as well as elegance.

The benefits of black electric towel rails

  • Modern Design

    With an elegant finish and convenient design, these heated towel rails add a touch of contemporary flair to any bathroom

  • Dual Purpose

    These heaters not only supply your entire bathroom with warmth, but they also keep your towels dry and toasty right when you need them to be.

  • Zero Maintenance

    As these electric solutions don’t have any risk of a carbon monoxide leak, you won’t have to fork out on an annual safety check.

  • 100% Efficient

    100% efficient at point of use, every watt of power drawn from the wall is converted into usable heat for your bathroom.

  • Precise Temperature Control

    Fitted with intuitive thermostats, many of our black towel rails accurately regulate temperature to help minimise energy usage and maintain comfort levels.

  • Lot 20 Exempt

    Exempt from Lot 20 standards, towel rails provide an energy-efficient solution for any bathroom.

Which black electric radiator is best for me?

With a selection of designs and sizes available, there’s a black electric radiator for every property – you can even use our handy radiator calculator to determine the exact size heater necessary for your space. Whether you’re searching for a slimline heater with a designer flair or something a little more traditional – at Electric Radiators Direct, we have plenty of options to suit your needs. Available with a range of control options including WiFi compatibility and weekly programming, they’re not just modern in style, but in technology too.