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Free Standing Outdoor Heaters

Freestanding outdoor heaters offer an adaptable outdoor heating solution that offers more flexibility than wall mounted options and also circumvents the associated installation costs. A freestanding outdoor heater can simply be moved to wherever the heat is required, ensuring you can still enjoy the outside air on cooler evenings. The main reason why electric patio heaters that are freestanding work so well outdoors is that they emit infrared waves that travel directly to people and surfaces, unimpeded by wind and breezes. 100% of their energy is converted into a pleasant type of warmth that is similar to the sensation you get from standing in the sun on a warm summer’s day. Ultimately, our range of infrared freestanding heaters are perfect for outdoor gardens, patios and terraces.

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What is a freestanding patio heater?

A freestanding patio heater is a flexible outdoor heating solution that can be moved around freely, letting you place it in a spot that requires the most warmth, such as near your patio seating area. These heaters work by supplying robust infrared warmth that is easily absorbed by people, surfaces and objects, rather than the surrounding air. This significantly reduces the chance of warmth being lost to winds and draughts – ideal for hard-to-heat spaces like your patio. By providing a deeper level of warmth that is also long-lasting, freestanding patio heaters excel in comfort and energy-efficiency, making them a true all-round. Better yet, you can simply attach the patio heater onto a compatible stand before plugging it into a nearby socket, for hassle-free installation.


Flexible heating made easy

Once attached to a compatible stand, all you have to do is plug the patio heater into a socket with a suitable IP rating and you can immediately start enjoying comfortable warmth in your outdoor space. Due to the flexibility provided by the stand, these heaters often allow for wall or ceiling mounting down the line, so you’re not just tied to your original choice. Whilst this must be carried out by a qualified electrician, the task is usually a quick and easy job for the pros. Either way, our patio heaters offer the versatility needed for convenient patio heating, letting you perfectly tailor your system to best match your preferences. 

Please note: if you’re planning on installing multiple freestanding patio heaters, it’s always worth consulting an electrician first, just to ensure that you have a suitable supply that is safe to power the heating solutions.

The benefits of freestanding patio heaters

  • Versatile Design Options

    From eye-catching silver finishes to modern honeycomb grills, we have a vast array of design options available, sure to neatly complement any patio area.

  • Weatherproof Heating

    Our freestanding patio heaters come with a minimum protection rating of IP55 making them suitable for outdoor use.

  • Easy DIY Installation

    It won’t take much time to attach your patio heater to a compatible stand – after that, you can simply plug in & go, for installation without the fuss.

  • 100% Efficient

    With every watt of power drawn from the wall converted into usable heat, these heaters are completely efficient at point of use.

  • Simple Temperature Control

    With timers and a range of heat outputs to choose from, heat management is straightforward

  • Zero Maintenance

    Infrared patio heaters require no annual safety checks, helping eliminate maintenance costs and lengthy callouts.