Electric Central Heating

Central Heating – But Not As You Know It!

Think central heating automatically means a boiler, a gas meter and hot water running through pipes all round your house? Think again! Electric central heating is a revolution in home heating which puts control of your heating back in your hands. 

How Does Electric Central Heating Work?

The term central heating was originally used only in its literal sense. Central heating meant any home heating system powered by a single heating source – most commonly a system of pipes and radiators powered by a gas or oil-burning boiler. Electric central heating in this sense is the same as a conventional central heating system but with an electric boiler.

Electric Central Heating: What are the Options?

However, when we talk about central heating in its more generic sense as a system for whole house heating, there are many more options! With our extensive range of advanced electric heating products you could find yourself with an electric central heating system comprised of ultra-efficient electric radiators, stylish designer towel rails and budget panel heaters. With a range of electric heaters with something suitable for every room in your house, no matter what size, we have everything you need to help you design and install electric central heating systems perfect for your lifestyle, budget and interior design tastes.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Central Heating?

There are many benefits of choosing an electric heating system. With our extensive range of electric heating products, you can mix and match heaters in the most efficient combinations for your room sizes. Enjoy precise and cost-effective heating room by room, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest benefits an electric heating system has over classic central heating systems is the energy efficiency inherent in the modular design. In any truly “central” heating system, water is heated in a central boiler and pushed around the house to each individual radiator via a system of pipes. This is unavoidably inefficient because in the time it takes for the water to reach each radiator, a significant amount of heat is lost through the pipes – delivering heat where it’s not needed. A traditional central heating network also has the disadvantage that you have to activate the entire system if you want to use a single radiator – so you’ll use far more power than you really need if you just want to heat a single room.

Zoned Heating

Because our electric radiators and heaters work independently, electric heating systems have none of these disadvantages. Each heating module can be activated independently, so heating single rooms is no less efficient than heating the entire house. Our heaters simply plug into the nearest socket, rather than heating from an extensive network of pipes. The space between the heaters and their power source is at an absolute minimum – making many of our electric heating products 100% efficient at point of delivery.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Another disadvantage of conventional gas central heating is that it can be very expensive to install. The extensive plumbing work required to install classic central heating is time-consuming, messy, disruptive and expensive. The system will then require regular maintenance checks – including the annual cost of getting your boiler serviced. And, of course, with large amounts of water running through your walls, if anything goes wrong it can be very messy!

Electric central heating, on the other hand, is mess-free, easy to maintain and cheap to install. Many of our electric heating products are suitable for DIY installation: they simply screw to the wall and plug into a normal 13amp socket. Even those products which are not suitable for DIY installation – outdoor heaters and towel rails for bathrooms – can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified electrician: much cheaper than lengthy plumbing work. With no boiler or any other internal combustion element there’s absolutely no risk of carbon monoxide, so your electric heating system won’t need a regular service. The absence of pipes or water in the system also means there’s no risks of leaks, so you’ll never need to bleed a radiator again!

Sophisticated Heating Control

Traditional central heating systems are limited by using a single thermostat in a central location. The entire heating system will switch on or off based on the temperature reading in that central location. If, as is likely, the reading for one room is not representative of every other room in the house, rooms will be kept too hot or too cold – wasting you money or keeping you chilly.

In electric heating systems, each heater comes with its own precision thermostat to accurately calculate the required heat output in each room. The RC Wave electric radiator range is capable of maintaining room temperatures with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees Celsius and can be programmed hour-by-hour, giving you unparalleled control over your heating.


Advanced programming

The opportunity to control your heaters individually gives you even more scope to fine-tune your heating. With in-depth programming available on almost all our heating products, it’s never been easier to set up a heating schedule for each room precisely adapted for the needs of your lifestyle.

Many of our radiators are even WiFi app compatible, so your entire electrical heating system can be accessed from the convenience of your smartphone. Only use the living room between 5pm and midnight? Set your radiator to come on at 4:30. Prefer your bedroom a little warmer than the rest of the house? Set a higher comfort temperature. Don’t need heat in your spare room right now? Switch it to the anti-freeze only setting. With an unparalleled level of control that’s simply impossible with clunkier gas central heating systems, electric heating gives you endless scope to slim down your heating bills: cost-effective, efficient, and totally tailored to you. 


Gas Central Heating Electric Central Heating
Traditional central heating acts as a unified system – every radiator must work at the same time Electric isn’t connected to a centralised system – each radiator can work on its own
Energy is lost to pipes and plumbing 100% of energy taken from the socket is converted into usable heat 
Expensive installation and requires mandatory servicing DIY-friendly installation and no servicing required
Every radiator is limited to a single thermostat in a central location Precision thermostats and zoned heating allow for improved efficiency 
Clunky, outdated control options Advanced programming and smart heaters mean greater convenience for the user 

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