Terma Towel Rails

Terma towel rails represent the pinnacle of modern bathroom heating, taking traditional towel rail designs and reimagining them for 21st century spaces. Whether you’re in need of a crisp, geometric towel rail with a sparkling finish, or a dramatic black rail that will leave your guests in awe, our range of Terma towel rails has it all. Complete with innovative, high-quality heating elements that provide easy-to-use temperature management, Terma towel rails are both elegant and user-friendly: the perfect choice for contemporary homes. Browse our full range of Terma towel rails to find the perfect blend of style and functionality for your bathroom. ... read more

Style & Control Options

Style Options

From traditional to ultra-modern, white to anthracite we have a style to suit you and your space. style

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Control Options

Each towel rail comes with 4 control options from basic controls to smart advanced energy saving features.

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