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Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

Wall mounted electric heaters are a superb choice if you’d rather have your heating in a fixed position throughout your home. Not only does wall mounting help to free up your floor space, but it also provides a more discreet and unobtrusive fitting. Available with a range of energy-saving features, such as 24/7 programming and smart WiFi control, these energy-efficient electric heaters that can be wall mounted are a win for your energy bills. Encompassing a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes, you can handpick one of our wall mounted electric heaters in accordance with your interior design scheme. Choose from fast and effective wall mounted panel radiators, compact and modern storage heaters, as well as sleek and ultra-slim infrared panels. Many of our wall mounted electric heaters can be installed DIY in minutes, even if you have minimal experience.

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What are wall mounted electric heaters?

Wall mounted electric heater is a term that encompasses a range of products from wall mounted convector heaters, energy-efficient infrared panels and affordable panel heaters, offering a fixed heating solution wherever space allows. A wall mounted electric panel heater is a superb space-saving heating solution – allowing you to streamline your interiors without leaving trailing wires or freestanding heaters on show. Whether you’re kitting-out your entire home in slim infrared panels or simply fancy freeing up floorspace in your small office, wall mounting your electric heaters is a superb way to declutter your home.

The benefits of wall mounted electric heaters

  • Space-Saving Installation

    Wall mounted electric heaters free up valuable floorspace, offering discreet heating for small or crowded rooms.

  • Semi-Permanent Fitting

    Wall mounted electric heaters can be positioned wherever you have space and can be taken down and repositioned at leisure.

  • Multiple Product Ranges

    Whether you need occasional heating or all-day warmth, our wall mounted electric heaters offer something for everyone.

  • Commercial & Domestic Applications

    Our wall mounted electric heaters are just as effective at warming offices and business spaces as they are domestic properties.

  • Various Styles & Designs

    Choose sleek infrared panels in glass, mirror, and plain finishes, or opt for the low-key aesthetic of one of our electric panel heaters depending on your needs.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All our wall mounted electric heaters meet EU energy-efficiency standards, so you can enjoy responsible, eco-friendly heating.

What is the best wall mounted electric heater?

Our range of wall mounted electric heaters includes a variety of products that cater to different needs: the “best” electric heater for you depends on what you’re going to use it for, the space you’re intending to heat, and what energy tariff you’re on. Wall mounted electric panel heaters are perfect for occasional heating, providing rapid, on-demand warmth for less frequented spaces. Their fast-acting convected warmth is great for supplementary heating, and though they’re not the most efficient choice, they’re a versatile option for many secondary spaces. If you’re after an energy-efficient heating system, look no further than our range of wall mounted infrared heating panels. These infrared heaters use gentle radiant heat to warm objects, people, and surfaces directly rather than heating the air. Boasting super-slim, elegant designs, a wall mounted panel radiator is no more obtrusive than a picture frame – freeing up floor and wall-space with ease to provide discreet heating that can be used in every room of the home. If you’re on an Economy energy tariff, a wall mounted electric storage heater with thermostat and timer is ideal. Capitalising on cheaper night-time electricity rates, our range of wall mounted storage heaters offer a cost-effective method of home heating by storing heat overnight for use the following day. If you’re on an Economy tariff, to compensate for cheaper night rates, your daytime electricity rate is inflated, which makes running a panel heater or infrared panel more costly.

Where can I use a wall mounted electric heater?

Our wall mounted electric heaters cater to a range of different spaces, from commercial offices to domestic living rooms and everywhere in between. However, different electric heaters excel in different areas. Wall mounted panel heaters with thermostat and timer offer on-demand heating alongside a primary heating system – offering heat boosts for home offices, guest rooms, and anywhere that requires occasional heating. While you wouldn’t rely on them to heat your entire home, they can be wall mounted wherever you need additional heating. Infrared heating panels can be used in every room in the home, including bathrooms, and feel at home in commercial spaces just as much as domestic ones. They’re a completely unobtrusive heating system that provides line-of-sight heating in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and bathrooms. Storage heaters excel in large living spaces such as master bedrooms and lounges, delivering slow-release heat that’s perfect for frequently used areas that need heating the most.

How do I install wall mounted electric heaters?

Our electric panel heaters can be installed DIY with ease and come with all the fixtures and fittings necessary for quick and painless set-up: they simply screw to the wall and plug into the nearest socket. While wall mounted panel radiators and storage heaters can both screw to the wall with ease, they must be hardwired into the mains by a qualified electrician and do not come supplied with a plug for this very reason. However, hardwiring is a straightforward job and shouldn’t require a lengthy call out. Electric panel heaters and storage heaters should never be used in bathrooms, but certain infrared panels can, providing they are hardwired by an electrician. Individual installation guidelines can be found on each of our products under the installation tab.