Portable Electric Heaters

Built with easy transportation and straightforward fitting in mind, a portable electric heater is a hassle-free way of rapidly warming any indoor space – simply plug in & go. For a portable heater that best supports your existing heating system, a traditional panel heater with compatible feet has a lightweight body for effortless movement. For energy-efficient, low glare and no glare options, try a portable infrared heater – all you have to do is fit the heater onto a stand and plug it in. When it comes to portable electric radiators, simply clip on compatible feet and plug the heater into a suitable socket – it really is that easy. Available in a range of sizes, finding a large or small electric heater that can be moved around your home has never been easier. So, for ultimate versatility, it’s time to embrace portable heating – browse our full range today.

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What is a portable electric heater?

Portable electric heaters are the ultimate on-demand heating system, providing fast-acting warmth that can be moved from room to room, ensuring you’re never left in the cold. Our portable room heaters for indoor spaces come with attachable feet that simply clip onto the base, allowing you to move your heaters wherever you need them most. A selection of our outdoor patio heaters can be made portable with the use of a stand, enabling spot heating in garages, workshops, or anywhere you need a strong heat source. If you’re after a convenient, on-demand heating system that you can take with you anywhere you go, look no further than our range of portable wall, room and outdoor electric heaters.

The benefits of portable electric heaters

  • Rapid On-Demand Heating

    Our portable freestanding heaters provide prompt and responsive heating so you can quickly react to changes in temperature.

  • Moveable Heat Source

    Portable room heaters can be moved wherever you need heat the most, making them perfect for occasional heating in less frequented spaces.

  • Compact & Lightweight

    Designed for simple, hassle-free installation, our portable electric warmers boast slimline designs so they can be moved with ease.

  • Simple DIY Installation

    Our portable electric heaters plug straight into the mains for quick and easy installation whenever the occasion calls.

  • Precision Temperature Control

    Our indoor heaters come with accurate digital thermostats for pin-point heating control wherever they're placed.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    Our range of portable heaters comply with Lot 20 Ecodesign efficiency requirements so you can enjoy comfortable heating using minimal energy.

What are the different types of portable electric heater?

Whether you’re catering for guests and need to warm your spare bedroom, or you find yourself working on multiple projects in the garage, a portable electric heater can be a lifesaver both in and out of the home. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a portable panel heater or a portable outdoor infrared heater, both of which offer something slightly different. Portable panel heaters are superb for occasional heating in rooms you use less often – providing a lightweight and movable heat source that can be warming your guest room one minute and keeping you comfortable in your home office the next. They’re an affordable, versatile heating system that you can use anywhere you find a plug socket, warming spaces by cycling heated air around a room. Portable infrared heaters offer direct heating for exposed or tricky to heat spaces that won’t feel the benefit of convected heat. They create warmth using infrared, an invisible phenomenon that travels in waves, heating anything in its path and bypassing the air altogether. These portable electric heaters make the best choice for outdoor heating or warming uninsulated, draughty spaces, allowing you to direct heat wherever it’s needed most without the risk of heat loss to the surrounding area.

Can you use portable heaters in bathrooms?

Electric appliances intended for use in bathrooms must be hardwired to the wall by a professional electrician: it’s for this reason there are no standard 3-pin plug sockets in UK bathrooms. You should never use portable electric heaters in a bathroom. This is because bathroom heaters require a high IP (or ingress protection) rating so they can be used safely. All electrical appliances intended for bathroom use must have an IP rating of at least IPX4, which covers it against splashing water; anything less than this isn’t suitable. While our range of portable electric heaters aren’t suitable for bathroom installation, we offer a dedicated range of bathroom electric heaters that are. Be sure to browse our range and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s advice before installing any electrical appliance in a location where it can encounter water.

What features make portable electric heaters more efficient?

Portable panel heaters have come a long way since the older, inefficient models you might be familiar with. To meet modern expectations, all electric heaters are designed with energy-efficiency in mind and portable heaters are no exception. The energy-saving portable heaters in our range come with detailed digital programmers which allow you to create a dedicated heating schedule that caters to your every need – helping to reduce wasted energy by only allowing your heaters to run when required. Many of our heaters also feature open window detection, which pauses your heating if it detects a rapid drop in temperature, only to resume once the temperature equalises.

Can I leave a portable electric heater running all night?

Portable electric heaters are not designed to be left unattended because they pose a fire risk if they’re accidentally knocked over. However, all the electric heaters in our range can also be wall-mounted, which alleviates this problem and offers a safe, firm fixing. You should only use a portable wall heater to supplement a primary heating system and they shouldn’t be relied on for all-day heating. If you require a more substantial heating system, browse our range of electric radiators which can be used all-day, every day if needed.