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Vertical Electric Radiators

Save space in your property with a stylish alternative to conventional horizontal radiators. Vertical electric radiators make use of tall, thin wall spaces in rooms where space is at a premium – and keep you warm with energy efficient, fully controllable electric heating. We offer a wide range of styles, from traditional tall radiators with elegant fluted housings, to bold contemporary designs in a variety of finishes. Whichever you choose, vertical electric wall radiators won’t fail to impress, with their eye-catching aesthetic making them not just a practical choice but a superb room feature in their own right. Designed for a vast array of spaces, we offer vertical radiators for kitchens, living rooms, hallways and much more, for ultimate versatility. So, if you’re looking for a slimline solution that won’t eat into you space, opt for a sophisticated vertical electric heater now. ... read more

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What are vertical electric radiators?

Vertical electric radiators are home heating solutions specifically tailored toward rooms with less available wall space, providing an effective heating solution that can be worked into any interior layout. Characterised by their striking appearance and bold, vivid styles, vertical electric wall radiators are as attractive as they are efficient room heaters. They come with in-depth programming and energy-saving features so they’re every bit as controllable as a ‘normal’ model – the only real difference is in how they look.

The benefits of vertical electric radiators

  • Space-Saving Design

    These tall, slim vertical electric radiators are great for areas of the home with less usable wall space and free up room for storage or furniture.

  • Elegant Designer Aesthetic

    Your heating can finally be a key part of your room design rather than something to hide away. Vertical radiators are a great way to give your space extra personality.

  • Increased Spread of Warmth

    The extra height of a tall radiator allows it to project up and over furniture so heat is less easily blocked. A versatile option for every room layout.

  • Sophisticated Modern Control

    Perfectly complementing their designer look, many of our vertical electric radiators come with Bluetooth or WiFi control options so you can adjust your heating from your phone.

  • Precision Temperature Management

    Our electric vertical radiators have digital thermostats accurate to within a fraction of a degree to ensure you’re using the minimum energy needed to warm your rooms.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All of the vertical radiators in our range are designed for minimal energy usage and fully meet EU Lot 20 efficiency standards so you can install with total confidence.

Are vertical electric radiators any different to horizontal models?

Vertical electric radiators are an excellent alternative to traditional horizontal radiators, especially if you need effective heat for a room with restricted wall space. There’s absolutely no difference in their usability and you can expect the same reliable warmth with a vertical model as you would a horizontal one. Inside our vertical oil filled electric radiators is a thermal fluid which is heated near the base and rises to the top of the heater housing, spreading warmth across the surface. As they’re sealed units there are no issues with flow – a common problem with ‘wet’ vertical models – which makes vertical oil filled radiators a particularly convenient heating solution. Vertical radiators that use stone elements completely bypass this issue entirely as they use heat-retentive ceramic which stays warmer for longer, providing long lasting comfort for hard-to-heat spaces.

Can I install a vertical electric radiator DIY?

We offer a selection of plug in vertical electric radiators that can be installed quickly and easily DIY. All you need to do is mount them onto the wall brackets supplied then plug them in at the nearest socket. For vertical electric radiators, we highly recommend having another person on hand to assist as the length and weight of these heaters can make them tricky to manoeuvre. Alternatively, we also offer many vertical electric radiators designed for a hardwired fitting so you can leave the task of installation up to a professional. This is usually a quick and easy task for a qualified electrician and requires no lengthy call outs.

Where can I use a vertical electric radiator?

You can install a vertical electric radiator almost anywhere simply because you prefer their aesthetic, but if you’re looking at them simply in practical terms, there are some spaces around the home where slim or narrow electric radiators excel. Kitchens and vertical radiators go together exceptionally well because wall space is often taken up by shelving, cupboards and other fittings. If you need to maximise your storage without compromising on effective heating, a vertical electric radiator will make a superb option. The same can be said for bathrooms, which is why electric towel rails – the original vertical heater – will usually make the best choice for these spaces. They take up minimal room, offer comfortable warmth, as well as a practical way to dry and store your towels. Wherever you have restricted wall space, it’s well worth considering a vertical heating option – it could make a world of difference.

Energy-Efficient Features

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    The vertical radiators in our range come with adaptive start, which calculates when to start heating your rooms ahead of time so they’re the right temperature exactly when needed.

  • Open Window Detection

    Electric vertical radiators with open window detection will stop heating when they sense a rapid drop in temperature stemming from a strong draught to prevent you from wasting heat and energy.

  • Energy Usage Statistics

    If you want access to your heating’s energy usage information, take a look at our Bluetooth and WiFi controlled radiators which allow you to monitor consumption via their apps.