Convector Electric Heaters

Convector heaters heat purely by convection and are well known for their instant, comforting warmth. As air passes through the body of the convector heater it is warmed by the hot elements inside, before being circulated around the room. An electric convector heater may not be the most energy efficient source of heat, but their rapid and thorough warmth makes them an excellent solution for rooms that are used less frequently or as a backup for traditional central heating systems. When it comes to installation, you can opt for an electric convection wall heater that can be used as a permanent fixture, or you can select a freestanding solution for flexibility – the choice is yours.

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What are convector heaters?

An electric convector heater works by heating the surrounding air so that it circulates around the room, creating a convection current. They use exposed, lightweight heating elements so the air comes into direct contact with the hot components, creating quick and effective heat. These heaters warm solely using convection, which means they’re an excellent choice for occasional, on-demand heating in secondary spaces. You can use convector heaters in spare rooms, home offices, utility areas, games rooms or anywhere else that you tend to use infrequently, or for short periods. Whether you need them for around the home or need them as a portable solution for when you’re on the move, convector heaters are a versatile addition to any household.

The benefits of electric convector heaters

  • Rapid On-Demand Heat

    Convector heaters quickly warm the surrounding air to provide effective heating whenever it’s needed. Great for supplementary warmth.

  • Quick & Easy DIY Installation

    Most of our convection wall heaters for sale can be installed DIY and come with brackets and freestanding feet so you can choose your preferred fitting.

  • Slimline & Portable

    Lean and lightweight, convector portable electric heaters can be moved from room to room whenever the occasion calls for versatile heating.

  • Precision Temperature Management

    Our eco electric convector heaters come with digital thermostats to accurately monitor your room temperature and ensure your comfort.

  • Heating that Fits Your Lifestyle

    All of the convector heaters in our range offer full daily and weekly programming so your heating can effortlessly match your routine.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    Our Lot 20 compliant convector heaters meet the latest EU energy-efficiency standards to ensure your running costs are as minimised as possible.

Are convector heaters any good?

A convector heater is superb for on-demand warmth and they’re often the product we most associate with portable heating. They’re able to rapidly heat the surrounding air, producing results you can feel in minutes, so you’re never waiting long for your room to reach comfort temperatures. An electric convector heater is best used in spaces that are used infrequently or for short periods of time. You might have a home office you use once a week for a couple of hours, or a guestroom that is only used a few times a year – wherever you need occasional heating, an electric convector heater makes an excellent choice. Though they can be used in most areas around the home, convector heaters shouldn’t be used as a main heat source because the type of heat they produce is quite prone to heat loss. This means that if you’re moving from room to room a lot, or leave a window open by accident, all of the heat created can quickly dissipate. To minimise heat loss and slim down running costs, opt for an eco convection heater with all the latest features like open window detection and adaptive start.

Are electric convector heaters expensive to run?

Convector heaters do tend to have higher running costs but they’re not expensive to run provided they’re used in their intended way. This type of heater is designed for occasional heating as-and-when, so as long as you’re not using your electric convector heater as a main source of warmth, its running costs will be offset by its infrequent use. To get the most eco friendly running costs of electric convector heaters, it’s always worth choosing a product with as many energy-saving features as possible. Features that may prove most useful are daily and weekly programming, open window detection, and distance control so you can adjust your heater’s output via WiFi.

Are convector heaters better than fan heaters?

Convector heaters and fan heaters are both popular choices for portable, on-demand heating and each comes with its own benefits. Fan heaters offer quick results by blowing heat into your room space but their moving components make them noisy and less efficient to run compared to a standard convector heater. The lack of moving parts does give convector heaters some distinct advantages. Their simple design uses natural convection rather than a fan to create warmth, which makes them much quieter to run and also more reliable long term. Electric wall convection heaters can also be mounted out of the way to provide a safe and discreet way to heat your room with no trailing wires or potential trip hazards.

Energy-efficient features to save you money

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    Convector heaters with adaptive start are able to calculate when to start pre-heating your rooms so they’re the right temperature exactly when needed.

  • Open Window Detection

    Many of our convector electric heaters come with open window detection which pauses your heating if a strong draught is detected, helping to save energy.

  • WiFi Distance Control

    Look for convector heaters with WiFi distance control for heating you can manage from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or tablet.