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Electric Panel Heaters

An electric panel heater is specifically designed to heat up quickly and can be used to provide a rapid and pleasant warmth when it is most required. A panel heater can be installed independently from your main central heating system, making them a popular choice for heating less frequently used rooms such as spare bedrooms or as a temporary backup. We have a comprehensive range of panel heaters, from basic models that are perfect as a temporary measure, to more advanced heaters with energy-saving features such as thermostat controllers and timers. ... read more

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What are electric panel heaters?

Electric panel heaters provide near-instant, portable heating that excels in secondary spaces such as guestrooms and home offices. Supplementing an existing system, panel heaters offer a temporary heat boost that works alongside your main system, warming spaces via convection. Slimline, easy to use, and representing exceptional value for money, panel heaters are a superb choice for secondary warmth throughout the home. Our range includes panel heaters with sophisticated programming, timers and thermostats, attachable feet, and even WiFi control.

The benefits of electric panel heaters

  • Prompt & Effective Heat

    Using lightweight heating elements, electric panel heaters are quick to heat up and cool down – responding to changes in temperature promptly and efficiently.

  • Slimline & Unobtrusive

    A flat panel heater boasts a slimline and compact design, which makes it ideal for use in even the most crowded spaces. A wall mounted panel heater frees up valuable floorspace.

  • Ideal for Occasional Use

    Whether you need to heat a spare bedroom, hallway, or office, a wall panel heater is ideal – offering on-demand heat for short periods.

  • Intelligent Control

    Our panel heaters with timers allow for full weekly programming, helping you to conserve energy throughout the day.

  • Freestanding & Wall Mounted

    Most of our electric panel heaters can be both wall-mounted and used freestanding when you attach a pair of feet to the base, offering portable and fixed installation.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    Our heaters all meet Eco design Lot 20 efficiency requirements to keep running costs at an absolute minimum.

What's the best way use an electric panel heater?

Panel heaters can be used on a room-by-room basis wherever you need an additional heat boost, whether that’s in the lounge, guest room, or home office. Electric panel heaters can be wall mounted for permanent installation or used freestanding when used with a pair of feet – offering versatile fitting that suits your space. If a certain corner of your living room never seems to feel the benefit of central heating, simply plug your panel heater into the wall and enjoy fast-acting, comforting warmth that gets to work in minutes. If you work from a home office throughout the day, a wall panel heater is invaluable, keeping your space warm without needlessly heating your whole property for the sake of one room. The only space you shouldn’t use an electric panel heater is in a bathroom, because the temptation to hang towels or wet clothes over them is too great – resulting in a potential hazard.

How do panel heaters warm spaces?

Panel heaters use convection to keep spaces warm: the process whereby air is heated and circulated around a room to raise the temperature. While this method provides fast-acting warmth, it’s by no means the most efficient. Convection relies on a constant cycle of warm air to maintain temperatures and your panel heaters will need to continually reheat the total volume of air in a room – which cools and sinks to the floor to be reheated again. Any heat generated can also be lost to poor insulation, open windows or doors, and draughts, which forces wall panel heaters to start again to keep your spaces warm, ultimately wasting energy and money. Taking this into consideration, these types of electric heater shouldn’t be relied on as a primary heating system. Instead, they’re best used to supplement an existing system, so they don’t have to waste energy heating entire rooms by themselves. If used sparingly as “top-up” heaters, electric panel heaters are a superb choice to keep your spaces adequately warm without sacrificing efficiency.

Energy-efficient features to save you money

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    Panel heaters using adaptive start will “pre-heat” ahead of schedule in the most economical time possible, ensuring your spaces are always at the exact temperature when specified.

  • Open Window Detection

    Open window detection stops your panel radiators from heating if they detect a rapid drop in temperature – saving energy by not trying to combat the heat loss.

  • WiFi Control

    Some of our electric panel heaters can be controlled using compatible heating apps and WiFi, offering 21st century heating that’s only ever a swipe and tap away.