Why Electric Heating?

“At Electric Radiators Direct we showcase and sell a range of the very best electric heating products on the market. But why electric heating? Quite simply, we believe that electric heating is the most energy efficient, economical and environmentally friendly heating solution available today.”

Thousands of satisfied customers have already made the switch from conventional central heating systems to our electric radiators and are enjoying the benefits of unparalleled energy efficiency, cutting edge energy management systems and easy plug-in and go installation. Historically, when the technology was in its infancy, electric heating was seen as a wasteful and expensive way to heat. But with revolutionary innovations in electric heating technology from some of the world's leading heating manufacturers, electric radiators have evolved. Many criticisms of electric heating you'll find are based on old-fashioned storage heater systems. Our modern electric radiators, panel heaters and towel rails boast unrivalled energy and money saving features that put conventional heating systems to shame.

Electric vs. gas: which is better?

Whilst gas central heating remains a popular way to heat homes, it is neither the most efficient nor the most reliable heating solution on the market today. Compared to electric, it’s no wonder that more and more of us are saying goodbye to gas and making the switch. Let’s take a look how these two heating systems match up to each other:

  Gas central heating Electric heating
  • Risk of carbon monoxide leaks and burst pipes
  • Regular bleeding needed
  • Annual maintenance check required
  • No pipes equals no danger of leaks and no need to bleed the heaters
  • No internal combustion elements in electric heaters completely eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Annual maintenance check not required
  • Turning on your radiators often means heating up your entire property which means warming rooms that aren't in use - a waste of energy and money
  • Can't rely on the accuracy of thermostats
  • A single thermostat usually controls the entire heating system, giving an unrepresentative reading for the rest of the house
  • 24/7 programming - create custom heat schedules for multiple electric heaters in your property
  • Bluetooth and WiFi control lets you program heaters from an app on your phone, for ultimate convenience
  • Most electric heaters are fitted with precise digital thermostats accurate to 0.5 degrees
  • Water is heated in a central boiler & pushed around the house through pipes - heat loss naturally occurs before reaching radiators
  • 100% efficient at point of use, with all energy drawn from the wall converted to usable heat

Verdict: It’s clear that electric is the superior choice when it comes home heating. Not only is it more energy-efficient than gas, but it offers exceptional controllability and requires zero maintenance, for hassle-free, convenient warmth.

Benefits of electric heating: a closer look

Now that we’ve weighed gas against electric, let’s take a closer look at exactly what advantages. electric heating has to offer and how these could benefit your property.

Energy-efficient heating

Electric heating is 100% efficient at point of use, with all energy drawn from the wall converted into usable heat. Our market-leading manufacturers have increased this energy efficiency further with cutting edge heating technology that ensures that the heat generated warms the room in the most efficient way possible. Our electric radiators, towel rails and heaters use either dry thermal elements or specially formulated thermal fluids. Our best-selling Haverland Designer RC Wave range of electric radiators uses dry element technology for fast acting, effective heat generation which produces an ideal mix of convection and radiation to warm you directly as well as heating the air. The Haverland Designer TT range of electric radiators uses thermal fluids with outstanding heat retention properties to guarantee a long-lasting, even spread of heat throughout the room.

Exceptional control and programming

Our electric radiators come with state-of-the-art energy management systems that can help you cut down significantly on your energy usage and heating bills. Here are just of the features that enable convenient and intuitive heat management

Precise digital thermostat

All our radiators are fitted with a precision thermostats accurate to at least 0.5 degrees. The thermostat measures the temperature in each room and switches the radiator on or off to maintain the desired temperature. With good insulation, this can mean that the radiator is only using energy for a third of the time – which could significantly reduce your heating bills.

24/7 programming

Our radiators also benefit from 24/7 programming, which allows you to tailor your heating schedule to suit your lifestyle. So if you know you're going to be out of the house at certain times, you don't waste energy and money heating an empty house – you can program your heating to come on when you're likely to return. With economy, comfort and anti-freeze settings and a number of pre-set and customisable programs, you have complete flexibility to design an energy-saving heating schedule which suits your household. We also sell remote controls for your radiators which make programming even easier – or, for ultimate ease and heating accuracy, our self-learning Haverland SmartWave Electric Radiators use an infrared sensor to learn your weekly routine and create a personalised heating schedule for you!


Individually controlled radiators give you the option of zoning control. If you know certain rooms are busier than others you can give your radiators individual heating programs that ensure you don't waste energy heating empty rooms. Precision heating control is an excellent way to trim down your bills, making sure that you only use energy when you really need it.

Easy installation

One of the most daunting aspects of installing conventional central heating systems is the expensive and invasive plumbing work. With electric heating, installation could not be quicker, easier or cheaper! All our electric radiators are sold as DIY installation products which can be quickly and easily installed without the need for a qualified electrician. Radiators for wall-mounted fitting simply mount on the wall following the provided instructions and plug into the nearest socket. If you prefer a free-standing fitting, easy-fit feet can be purchased at a small extra cost. Radiators and heaters for outdoor or bathroom installation must be fitted by a qualified electrician. However, this is a quick and easy job which is far easier and cheaper than central heating plumbing work.

Durability, safety and simple maintenance

All our products have been chosen because they represent the highest standard of heating construction, using the best quality materials and years of manufacturing skill. The durability and quality of our products is reflected in our guarantees, which give you the peace of mind that we'll be here to help you long after your purchase in the rare event that there's a problem with your product. The length of guarantee varies with each product, but we are especially proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body of our RC Wave range. Many of our radiators also feature thermal safety limiters which prevent the surface temperature exceeding 75 degrees. This safety feature prevents the radiators causing burns – especially useful in homes with young children, or elderly or vulnerable people.

Sustainable solutions

As fossil fuels become scarcer it becomes ever more important to find renewable sources of energy to heat our homes. Whilst the electricity used in our homes today is often generated in fossil-fuel burning power stations, electric radiators run equally well off electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind or solar power. Electric heating does not depend on our ever-depleting reserves of fossil fuels. Our products are environmentally friendly in other ways, too. Many of our radiators and heaters use recycled materials which are themselves recyclable. Our RC Wave range, for instance, uses 100% recycled aluminium for the radiator body – aluminium which can be recycled again at the end of the radiator's life. We strive to find heating solutions which are as sustainable as possible.

Designer style options

Our range of electric radiators is one of the most stylish in the world, with ultra-slim lightweight aluminium designs that are discreet as well as versatile. We also stock a range of radiators in more traditional styles – there really is something for every interior design scheme. All of our electric radiators have fully enclosed heating elements so there's no risk of unsightly wall blackening.

Affordable prices and low running costs

Top-of-the-range energy-efficiency, state-of-the-art heating control, DIY installation and no maintenance costs adds up to a heating system that could make you major savings on your heating bills.

Browse our full range of electric heaters today

At Electric Radiators Direct our buyers have spent months researching and negotiating with leading heating manufacturers from across the world to find electric heating products that not only overcome the difficulties posed by central heating but to offer something for every space and every budget. We believe top-of-the-range heating products that can help both you and the environment shouldn't come at a premium, so we've sorted for you the best deals on a diverse range of radiators, towel rails and panel heaters. Whatever your budget, there's something for domestic and commercial spaces of all sizes and styles. Browse our full range today.

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