Slimline Electric Heaters

Whilst a heating system is an essential for most rooms, when space is at a premium it can be difficult to incorporate your radiators into your overall interior design. If you’re looking for a slender solution that won’t eat into your space, look no further that our slimline electric wall heaters. Our slimmest electric heater is just 2.5cm deep, yet still radiates rapid warmth throughout the room. If you’re looking to save money on energy bills as well as maximise space in your room, our infrared panel heaters can be wall mounted for an unobtrusive solution that doesn’t compromise on room design and are available in a wide range of sizing options to suit awkward wall spaces. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cheaper heater for a quick blast of warmth in a smaller room, many of our electric panel heaters also sport slender designs that fit snugly into alcoves and beneath windows. Whichever option you choose, our slimline electric heaters are space-saving solutions that you can rely on.

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What is a slimline electric heater?

Slimline electric heaters provide a discreet heating system that can be wall mounted in the smallest of spaces, offering on-demand warmth for home offices, studies, or anywhere with a premium on wall space. Our range of slimline electric heaters include efficient infrared panels that come in a variety of finishes, designs, and styles; as well as electric panel heaters that provide portable, top-up heating in less frequented rooms. Whichever you choose, our slimline electric wall heaters provide an unobtrusive, space-saving heating solution that won’t monopolise your wall space.

The Benefits of Slimline Electric Heaters

  • Space-Saving & Unobtrusive

    Our slimline electric wall heaters can be installed in the tightest of spaces, providing a discreet heating system that won’t take up valuable room.

  • Simple DIY Installation

    Some of our slimline heaters can be wall mounted with ease, offering a DIY heating solution that’s ready to go in mere minutes.

  • Range of Styles & Designs

    Depending on your preference, you can opt for sleek infrared heating panels in a range of finishes or panel heaters that feature a minimalist white aesthetic.

  • Controllable, Energy-Efficient Heating

    Slimline electric heaters offer the same energy-efficient, controllable heating as our other electric heaters, with detailed programming capabilities and energy-saving features.

  • Precision Temperature Management

    Our slimline appliances feature highly accurate digital thermostats that regulate temperatures with absolute precision, ensuring you’re never wasting energy with inaccurate or false readings.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    Every slim electric heater in our range meets current EU standards regarding energy-efficiency, providing eco-conscious, low-energy heating.

What are the different types of slimline electric heater?

“Electric heater” is a relatively broad term that applies to various electric heating appliances, covering a range of different designs and styles of product. Our slimline electric wall heaters encompass both on-demand panel heaters for occasional use, as well as ultra-modern infrared heating panels that use radiant heat to warm spaces, objects, and people directly. Our panel heaters are a superb choice for space-saving heating in less frequented rooms, offering rapid, on-demand warmth when you need it most. Using lightweight heating elements, these slender electric heaters boast compact designs that make them perfect for installing on crowded walls – simultaneously freeing up space and keeping you comfortably warm. Infrared heating panels represent the pinnacle of unobtrusive, energy-efficient heating. These slimline electric heaters use conductive wire that’s stretched across their surface to create radiant heat. Unlike electric panel heaters, this unique approach to space heating doesn’t require any moving parts – which has a huge impact on their overall depth, resulting in ultra-slim heaters that are no thicker than a photo frame.

Where can I use a slim electric heater?

Slimline electric heaters have different applications depending on the type of heater you choose. Electric panel heaters provide on-demand heat that’s specifically designed for less frequented rooms, such as home offices, spare rooms, or guest rooms. While panel heaters shouldn’t be relied on for constant, all-day use, these slimline heaters can be used in rooms that need an additional heat boost in tandem with your primary heating system. Infrared heating panels can be used in every room in the home, including the bathroom, offering an all-purpose, slimline heating solution. Some infrared panels can even be mounted in a suspended ceiling grid in office environments for completely covert heating. Most of our slimline electric panel heaters are suitable for DIY installation: to tell at a glance which of our products are suitable, keep an eye out for the plug and go icons.

Which slimline heater is best?

Slimline electric panel heaters and infrared heating panels provide different methods of keeping you warm, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Panel heaters are the better choice if you need instant, on-demand heat that you’re not going to rely on throughout the day; while infrared panels are the better choice for gentle, all-day heating throughout your home – warming objects, people, and surfaces directly, rather than panel heaters which use convection to cycle warm air around a room. Panel heaters can be directly controlled using the interface on the front of the heaters and some even come with remotes for point and press heating. Infrared panels, however, don’t come with integrated controls and must be purchased with an additional controller for full access to programming and for nuanced temperature management.

Comparing panel heaters & infrared panels

Which slimline electric heater is “best” is purely a matter of your needs and what type of space you’re heating. The table below compares the features of both heating systems, so you can see at a glance which is better suited to you. If you’re still unsure, our friendly sales team will be happy to discuss your options and recommend your ideal product.

Heater Types
Panel Heaters Infrared Panels
Heats Via Convection Radiation
On-Demand Heating Yes No
Suitable for Every Day Use No Yes
24/7 Programming Yes Yes (with controller)
Depth Slim Slimmer
Multiple Sizes & Finishes Yes Yes
Suitable for Bathrooms No Yes