Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Wall mounted electric radiators provide an energy efficient, fully controllable heating solution that requires no maintenance and is suitable for DIY installation. They heat just like central heating radiators – but with none of the mess, fuss and expense! These versatile electric wall heaters are available in a range of sizes, so you’ll easily find a wall mounted electric radiator suitable for every room in your house. With specialised models for high ceilinged rooms and super-slim designs to help maximise space, our range offers premium flexibility for a range of room layouts. DIY-friendly, these plug-in electric radiators also come with the fixtures and fittings needed for easy installation. Better yet, all of our wall mounted heaters come with a free next working day delivery, for ultimate convenience. So, order your own wall mounted electric radiator today to enjoy energy efficient heating tomorrow.

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What are wall mounted electric radiators?

Wall mounted electric radiators are supplied with brackets so they can be attached to the wall for a tidy, discreet fitting and are the best choice if you want your heaters to act as your main heat source. Many of our electric wall radiators are often suitable for DIY installation and come with all of the fixtures needed to help you get started, including a template to show you where to drill the holes for the brackets. Others require a professional fitting, which allows your radiators to have a clean, wire-free finish.

The benefits of wall mounted electric radiators

  • A Tidy, Unobtrusive Fitting

    Wall mounting your electric radiator will keep it neatly out of the way, freeing up your room space and ensuring no trailing wires are left on show.

  • Hardwired or Plug-in Installation

    Choose a professional wire-free finish or the immediacy of a DIY fitting. With a wall mounted radiator, you have the choice of permanent or semi-permanent installation.

  • Styles to Suit All Homes

    We stock wall mounted electric radiators for every interior style, from traditional to contemporary. Available in a range of finishes to suit all property types.

  • Cutting-Edge Heating Control

    Many of our wall mounted electric radiators come with Bluetooth or WiFi control capabilities so you can manage your heating straight from your phone.

  • Precise Temperature Control

    Inside each electric radiator is a precision digital thermostat that accurately monitors room temperature to ensure you’re using minimal energy to heat your space.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All of our wall mounted electric radiators are Lot 20 compliant, for effective heating that meets the very latest energy efficiency standards.

Can you install wall mounted electric radiators DIY?

Yes, you absolutely can. Many of the electric radiators in our collection are suitable for DIY installation and come with all of the fixtures and fittings needed for you to get started. You’ll be provided with mounting brackets to help you fix your radiator to the wall, as well as a template to show you where to drill the holes. If you’re confident in your DIY skills, it’s a job that can take just 15 minutes then all that’s left to do is plug your wall mounted electric radiator into the nearest 3-pin socket. For wall mounted electric radiators that can’t be installed DIY – or for any intended for use in bathrooms – a professional will be able to hardwire them to the mains of your property in no time at all for a wire-free finish. If you need a heater that can be quickly installed DIY, look for our electric radiators marked with the ‘plug & go’ icon to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Do I have to have a permanently wall mounted electric radiator?

Think you might want to change your installation further down the line? By choosing a wall mounted plug-in radiator, you don’t have to have a more permanent wired-in fitting; you can simply attach the brackets to the wall then plug the radiator into the nearest socket. If you decide to move it to another location, it’s merely a case of unplugging the radiator, then unscrewing the brackets – no complex rewiring or professional callouts needed. Unlike a central heating system, wall mountable electric radiators offer a completely versatile heating solution that can adapt to your changing lifestyle or interior layout.

Can I DIY install multiple wall mounted electric radiators?

If you’re planning to refit an entire property with wall mounted electric radiators, you should always speak to a professional electrician first to discuss your project. This is to make sure you avoid overloading the ring main of your property, which could happen if you plug in too many electric radiators directly into standard plug sockets. A professional electrician will be able to shorten the cable of your heater and connect it to your mains supply through a fused spur to ensure that your system is protected.

Smart heating control for the modern home

All of our wall mounted electric radiators are fully programmable so you can create a heating schedule that perfectly matches your daily and weekly routine. We offer radiators that can be programmed directly via their control panel, or if you prefer something a little more intuitive, we also stock products with smart heating control so you can manage your heating via a smartphone or tablet. Browse our Bluetooth programmable radiators, which allow you to adjust your heating system without having to leave the comfort of your chair for convenient control right in the palm of your hand. If you need total control wherever you go, our WiFi compatible electric wall radiators are just what you need. These smart electric radiators will allow you to control your heating system from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection – the ideal choice for busy modern lifestyles.

Energy-Efficient Features

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    All of our wall mounted electric radiators come with adaptive start, which works out when to start pre-heating your spaces to make sure they're exactly the right temperature when needed, using minimal energy.

  • Open Window Detection

    Many electric radiators in our range come with open window detection, which pauses your heater whenever a sharp drop in temperature is detected because of a strong draught. This saves energy and prevents wasted heat.

  • Energy Usage Statistics

    Get to know your energy usage habits with our WiFi and Bluetooth controllable radiators. Though their apps, you can view the energy consumption of each radiator over time to identify where to economise.