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Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters

Wall mounted outdoor heaters allow you to enjoy warm evenings without compromising on your garden design. Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, it’s never been easier to handpick an outdoor wall heater that best complements your exterior décor. For an out-of-reach heating solution, a wall mounted patio heater is ideal, providing families with small children that much needed extra peace of mind. Incredibly versatile, our extensive range consists of everything from small outdoor electric heaters to large infrared heaters, so there’s something for every garden, patio or commercial premise. Complete with weatherproof IP ratings, our outdoor electric wall heaters are as hardwearing as they are effective. Browse our full range today. 

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What are wall mounted outdoor heaters?

Wall mounted outdoor heaters fix securely to walls or awnings for subtle heating that won’t interfere with your garden or patio layout. If the area you plan on installing an outdoor heater is small, or likely to be used by small children, it’s a great idea to have it wall mounted for optimum safety. Our wall mounted outdoor heaters heat through infrared, a steady and robust form of heat which warms people and objects directly, mimicking the gentle warmth of the sun. This makes it perfect for outdoor applications, as the heat cannot be lost to airflow, so you can stay toasty and warm even on particularly windy days.

The benefits of wall mounted outdoor heaters

  • Various Styles

    From the metallic sheen of a honeycomb grill to the softer look of a heater with rounded edges, there's an outdoor heater to meet your design needs.

  • Splashproof Heating

    All of our outdoor heaters boast IP ratings of at least IP55, so they can be installed in exposed areas without a worry.

  • Simple Installation

    For permanent outdoor heating, we always recommend professional installation, but this is a straightforward job that won’t require a lengthy call-out.

  • Robust Warmth

    These outdoor heater supply lasting infrared heat that helps to offset colder outdoor temperatures

  • Remote Control

    Many of our wall mounted heaters come equipped with remote controls, so managing your heater can all be done from afar.

  • Discreet Heating

    Fixing an outdoor heater to walls or awnings is a subtle way of heating a space without detracting from your existing garden aesthetic.

Which wall mounted outdoor heater is right for me?

Depending on the area you intend on installing your outdoor heater, there are a few different options to consider. If you’re looking to inject some heat into a domestic garden or patio, our range of low glare electric heaters provide pleasant immediate warmth, with the added benefit of mood lighting for when the evening draws in. But, if you’re looking to heat up a larger space for a longer amount of time, heaters that emit mediumwave or far infrared are robust and far-reaching enough for such purposes. Take a look at our handy table below to get an idea of the best form of infrared for your specific needs.


Type of infrared

Type of heat produced

Best for


Instant, powerful heat that begins warming in seconds

Patios and gardens most exposed to the elements


Soothing heat, the perfect balance of vigour and comfort

Workshops, gazebos, larger gardens


Gentle and natural, mimics the heat from the sun

Semi-exposed areas like warehouses and garages