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  1. Our Price £59.99 inc. VAT
    • For Sunglo, Thermaglo, Colorado & California Heaters
    • Quick & Easy DIY Setup
    • Adjustable Height
  2. Our Price £14.99 inc. VAT
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    • Use with the Ecostrad Heatglo
    • Attaches Beneath Parasols & Awnings
    • Fits Any Parasol Size

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Customer Questions

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  1. What’s the best way to control my outdoor heaters?

    1. We always recommend fitting outdoor heaters with additional controls because they can greatly improve their usability and help to reduce overall energy usage. Controllers are available to suit all users and installation types, no matter whether you’ve got an occasionally used heater in a small domestic environment, or a demanding larger commercial space that sees people come and go frequently.

      Push-button timers automatically switch heaters off after a set amount of time to ensure they don’t get left on by accident. Turning your heating on is as simple as pressing a button and you don’t need to worry about forgetting to switch off the heater at the end of the day – the timer will take care of everything for you. Timers are a convenient option for anyone who will only need to use their heater for short periods of time and are a great addition if you want to keep energy usage as low as possible.

      Occupancy sensors are usually more appropriate for industrial or commercial applications where workers or customers may be moving in and out of specific areas repeatedly throughout the day. These controllers permit the heaters to come on only when people are in the vicinity and means you’ll never be wasting energy by warming a space with nobody in it. They’re fantastic for outdoor break areas, smoking shelters and alfresco dining areas.

      Temperature dials or dimmers let you adjust the output of your heater and save energy in the process. They’re most suited to anyone looking to fine tune their heat output rather than relying on the fixed level of heat provided by an on/off switch. Dimmers range from simple turn dial knobs to sophisticated app controlled devices which allow you to regulate your heating from your phone or tablet.

  2. Which outdoor heaters can be mounted free standing?

    1. Our range of Burda outdoor heaters can be fitted as free standing units when attached to a separate Burda tripod.

  3. Can outdoor heaters be covered?

    1. Though many electric outdoor heaters have IP ratings that protect them against adverse weather, it can still be a good idea to cover them up when they’re not in use as windblown dust and debris can sometimes accumulate around the housing. Obviously, it’s never a good idea to cover your outdoor heater when it’s in use! An infrared heater can cause a serious fire hazard if you switch it on while it’s still covered so always be sure to remove any coverings before you use your appliance. It’s also best practice to wait until the heater is completely cold before putting any coverings back on.

Outdoor Heater Accessories

Get the most out of your outdoor heating system by adding one of our accessories. If you would prefer your heater to be freestanding, purchasing a compatible tripod can create a portable and versatile heating solution that can be adapted to meet changing heating needs, as well as save the hassle and cost of wall-mounted installation. For ease of use and greater control of your outdoor heater, a programmable timer allows you to use outdoor heating only when you need it, helping reduce energy consumption and in return, lowering your heating bills.