Haverland Electric Heaters

Haverland are the market leaders in reliable, energy-efficient electric heating products and have a longstanding reputation for offering quality heaters at great value prices. Best known for their electric radiators, they produce our flagship product the RC Wave, as well as other excellent heating solutions. We offer Haverland heaters designed for low conservatory walls, as well as dry stone element radiators for hard-to-heat rooms. For bathrooms, a range of stylish heaters is available, from practical ladder towel rails to sophisticated, fully programmable glass panel rails. Whatever your heating needs, we’re sure to have the perfect Haverland electric heaters for you. ... read more
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Why should I choose Haverland heaters?

Haverland are a trusted and reputable international brand specialising in electric heating for domestic and commercial use. As one of the industry leaders, they understand how important it is to make products that are both efficient and affordable, so that every home can benefit from eco-friendly electric systems. Haverland’s electric heaters range offers something for every space: towel rails for the bathroom, panel heaters for secondary spaces and radiators for all your main rooms. Created with an ethos of quality and controllability, Haverland electric heaters are designed to last, and seamlessly enhance your day to day life with their reliable warmth.

The benefits of Haverland electric heaters

  • Heating Solutions for Every Room

    Haverland heating solutions are designed to cater to every room in your home, from bathroom to conservatory.

  • 24/7 Digital Programming

    Most Haverland heaters come with in-depth digital programming so you can tailor your heating to match your routine hour-by-hour, every day of the week.

  • 100% Efficiency

    Electric heaters convert 100% of the energy they draw from the wall into usable heat. No inefficient combustion – just safe and effective warmth with no emissions.

  • Elegant Modern Designs

    Haverland electric heaters are designed with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, providing a versatile look that will complement any interior.

  • Internationally Trusted Brand

    Based in Spain, Haverland are a trusted brand that manufactures products to a European standard of quality and are constantly pushing the envelope of innovation.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All Haverland heaters are Lot 20 compliant, which means they conform to the very latest EU energy efficiency requirements to ensure running costs are kept to a minimum.

Are Haverland heaters energy efficient?

Haverland electric heaters are exceptionally efficient because of their accurate digital thermostats and in-built programming facilities. Their thermostats – accurate to within a fraction of a degree – monitor your room temperatures with precision to ensure you’re never wasting energy by overheating your space, or by allowing heat levels to drift too far away from your target. When combined with their 24/7 programming, which allows your heating to match your daily routine, Haverland electric heaters put you in total control over your energy usage so you can be sure your heating system is only using power when necessary. Haverland have also created a range of programmable electric towel rails so even your bathroom can benefit from adaptable heating that’s as controllable as the rest of your home.

Can all Haverland electric heaters be installed DIY?

Most Haverland heaters can be installed DIY with ease and come with fittings and wall mounting brackets included to help you set up your new heating system straight away. Once you’ve mounted your electric heater to the wall, all you need to do is plug it into the nearest standard 3-pin socket. The only electric heaters that can’t be installed DIY is their range of towel rails, which must be hardwired by a professional electrician. All electric heaters for bathroom use must be installed by a professional to ensure that they comply with national safety standards, however this is usually a straightforward job with no lengthy callouts required.

Energy-efficient features to save you money

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    Adaptive start is a feature built into Haverland’s electric radiators which works out when to pre-heat your rooms so they’re the right temperature exactly when needed.

  • Open Window Detection

    Haverland’s range of electric radiators come with open window detection, which will pause your programming in the event a sharp drop in temperature is detected.

  • Adjustable Bathroom Heating

    Haverland stock electric towel rails with basic thermostatic control, as well as models with full weekly programming to help you save energy.