Designer Electric Radiators

Designer electric radiators bring electric heating into the 21st century with contemporary styling, high precision heating control and space-saving slimline designs. Boasting smooth curves, bright white finishes and sleek aluminium designs, these modern electric heaters make natural additions to contemporary living spaces. Combining sophisticated aesthetics with smart control, these stylish radiators are as intelligent as they are elegant. With a range of models suitable for heating rooms of all sizes, including high-ceilinged spaces, you won’t struggle to find a perfect designer electric radiator for your interior at Electric Radiators Direct.

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How do designer electric radiators work?

Designer electric radiators provide the same energy-efficient, highly controllable heating as regular electric radiators but come in a stunning range of designs and styles – adding an aesthetic accent to any space. Our range includes striking, screw-shaped designer radiators in warm copper tones, elegant horizontal radiators with rounded bars, and bold anthracite radiators that offer dramatic, statement heating. Whatever your preference, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our range of stylish designer electric radiators.

The benefits of designer electric radiators

    Sophisticated Modern Design

    Designer electric radiators come in a range of styles to suit your preference – from elegant and understated to daring and bold.

    Multiple Colours & Finishes

    Designer electric radiators offer more than the ubiquitous white of traditional designs – providing a splash of contemporary colour that livens any room.

    Horizontal & Vertical Models

    Many of our designer electric radiators come in vertical and horizontal orientations, so you can maximise space and fit an existing room layout.

    Intuitive Heating Control

    Our designer electric radiators support app control for convenient temperature management with a simple swipe and tap.

    Energy-Saving Features as Standard

    Save energy and keep costs low with programming, access to energy user statistics, open-window detection, and adaptive start.

    Lot 20 Compliant

    All our designer electric radiators meet EU energy-efficiency regulations, offering an optimised and efficient heating system.

Stunning designs, finishes, and styles

If your home flaunts a certain aesthetic, why settle for a utilitarian-looking heating system? Designer electric radiators allow you to express your personality and find the perfect design that suits your space. We stock geometric designer radiators in metallic black finishes, elegant radiators with soft edges and rounded bars, as well as almost avant-garde designer radiators that are sure to draw the eye. To completely customise your heating, our range of Terma designer electric radiators can be purchased in a variety of different RAL colours, so you can exactly match your décor or be bold and choose a contrasting tone. Whether you fancy a dramatic design or something more refined, the sky’s the limit with a designer electric radiator.

Are designer electric radiators different to normal electric radiators?

Our range of designer electric radiators provide more than just an attractive room feature. They come with the same energy-efficient features and controllability of conventional electric radiators – allowing you to create detailed heating schedules, program your heaters from a compatible smart device, and enjoy energy-efficient heating with a wealth of energy-saving features. Most of our designer electric radiators support Bluetooth control for responsive, app-enabled temperature management when you’re at home and some even support WiFi control – allowing you to adjust your heating from anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for both substance and style, look no further than our range of designer electric radiators.

How do designer electric radiators compare?

The difference in design between our designer electric radiators is matched by the difference in their control and in the features that come with them. The table below details some of our bestselling designer electric radiators, so you can see which is better suited to your space.

  Our bestselling designer electric radiators
Haverland RC Wave+ Ecostrad Allora iQ
Haverland SmartWave
24/7 Digital Programming Yes Yes Yes
App-Enabled Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Control Yes No No
WiFi Control No Yes Yes (with SmartBox)
Alexa Voice Control No Yes Yes (with SmartBox)
Vertical Versions No Yes No
Different Colours Available Yes Yes Yes