Electric Garden Heaters

Enjoy your garden in warmth, comfort and style with our electric garden heaters. Ideal for patios, our garden heaters are created with cutting-edge technology, making them both efficient and effective. Highly controllable, portable and easy to use, they are the perfect choice those seeking a versatile outdoor heater. Whether you opt for freestanding or wall mounted, they are simple to install and DIY friendly. And with a range of modern designs available, you can also bring a touch of luxury to your garden.

A heater's suitability for use on any structure has to fall in line with the guidance given in the manual. 

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What is an electric garden heater?

For long-lasting, ambient warmth in your exterior, you can’t go wrong with one of our electric garden heaters. These infrared heating solutions warm people, objects and surfaces directly, making them ideal for offsetting chilly temperatures in outdoor areas. As they don’t heat the surrounding air, there’s less chance of warmth being lost to draughts or winds, resulting in less energy being needed to maintain comfort levels, for ultimate efficiency. Getting to work right away, they are also highly responsive, so you won’t have to wait too long to start enjoying a mellow, deep level of warmth in your exterior. Many of these heaters also come with a versatile range of control features, such as convenient timer functions and different heat outputs, designed to help save energy whilst letting you tailor warmth to perfectly match your routine.

The benefits of garden heaters

    Modern Designs

    Available in a wide range of stunning styles, these eye-catching heaters are sure to make a statement in your exterior.

  • Various Colour Finishes

    From discreet black to striking silver, our garden heaters come in a range of finishes for every outdoor space.

    Simple Installation

    Suitable for a range of installation options, fitting garden heaters is a quick and straightforward task.

    100% Efficient

    All electric heating solutions are 100% efficient at point of use, meaning every watt of power drawn from the wall is converted into usable heat.

    Easy Temperature Control

    Timers, different heat outputs and remote controls all enable accessible, straightforward garden heat management that can help reduce running costs.

  • Weatherproof Heating

    Every heater comes with a minimum protection rating of IP55, making them safe and suitable for outdoor use.

Flexible installation

When it comes to installation, electric garden heaters offer DIY-friendly, versatile options that don’t require lengthy callouts or expense. If you’re looking for freestanding fitting, all you have to do is attach your heater to a compatible stand – a task that usually takes a matter of minutes to complete. After that, simply plug the heater into a suitable socket and there you have it, a portable heating solution for you garden without any of the fuss. For a more permanent fitting, an electrician is required to hardwire your system, but this is often a straightforward, speedy task for a professional. Whichever way you want to use your electric outdoor heater, you can rest assured that installation is a hassle-free task.