Bathroom Electric Radiators

From sleek glass electric towel rails to classically designed ladder rails, our versatile range of affordable electric bathroom heaters has something for everyone. A modern essential, these electric bathroom radiators serve as space-saving solutions that warm your towels whilst heating your entire room. If you’re looking for more conventional heating solutions, you can rest assured that our electric bathroom wall heaters come with a splashproof protection rating and make a superb choice for larger spaces. So, to find an effective bathroom heater for your interior, browse our full range of manual, thermostatic and smart heating solutions today.

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What are bathroom electric radiators?

Bathroom electric radiators are specially adapted to cope in environments where they may be exposed to moisture, splashing water and increased humidity. Unlike the average electric heater, they come with high IP ratings for increased water resistance, and are even suitable for clothes and towel drying. You can choose from towel rails for heating and storage combined, or an electric radiator for effective heating in larger spaces. Electric bathroom radiators offer a range of features for extra convenience, from timer functions for easy drying to thermostatic control to help you save energy during the warmer months.

The benefits of bathroom electric radiators

  • Practical Bathroom Essentials

    The heated rails in our range offer a practical way to dry and store your towels, as well as warm your bathroom space. A convenient, all-in-one heating solution.

  • Independent Bathroom Heating

    Bathroom electric radiators can be run independently of your main system so you can economise on warmer days when all you need is a bit of extra heat for towel drying.

  • Sizes & Styles for Every Space

    Whether you’re looking for a small electric bathroom radiator or a dedicated wall mounted system, there are sizes, styles and finishes to complement every interior.

  • Thermostatic & Programmable Control

    Our electric bathroom radiators come with simple thermostatic control. Need to fine-tune your heating? Look for our Bluetooth programmable heaters.

  • Energy-Saving Timer Modes

    If you just want to dry your towels, our bathroom electric radiators have timer modes so you can run your heating, then have it turn off automatically after a set period.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    Our electric radiators for bathrooms are fully Lot 20 compliant and meet the very latest energy-efficiency standards to ensure running costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Are heated towel rails as good as radiators?

As bathrooms tend to be one of the smaller rooms in the home, in most instances you can choose between either an electric radiator or a heated towel rail to warm your space. Towel rails can be an effective, practical solution for bathrooms, offering heating and storage all in one. Though they tend to have smaller maximum heated areas compared to radiators, larger towel rails will usually have an output high enough for the average bathroom. Electric radiators make a better choice for larger bathrooms and will offer comfortable heat even in more spacious areas. If you’re looking for a room heating solution for your bathroom rather than a heater to keep your towels dry, we highly recommend choosing a product that’s programmable, so you can enjoy the same level of control as the rest of your home. Many of our wall mounted electric bathroom radiators are Bluetooth programmable so you can adjust and schedule your heating from your phone with just a few taps of the screen. Take a look at our full range of electric towel rails for more thermostatic and programmable options.

What IP rating do I need for a bathroom electric radiator?

IP ratings are a system used to indicate how protected an appliance is from the ingress of solid objects and water. The first digit of an IP rating – e.g. IP24 – indicates how protected they are from solid objects or fine particles, and the second digit represents protection from water. The higher the number, the more protection it will offer, so you’ll need to look for a rating of at least IPX4 for a bathroom heater, indicating it’s splashproof. If your heater will be located in an area that might be hosed down to clean, you will need an IPX5 rated heater, which means it is protected enough to withstand low pressure jets of water. All of our electric bathroom wall heaters have high IP ratings to ensure that they’re suitable for use in bathrooms, though please bear in mind that manufacturers may have additional guidelines in their manuals concerning which zones they should be placed in.

What are bathroom zones?

Any bathroom electrical appliance will need to be installed in a zone appropriate to its IP rating to ensure that it complies with national guidelines. This ensures that any electricals will be safe enough to use depending on the amount of water they could come into contact with. So, for instance, an electric radiator close to your bath or shower will need a higher IP rating compared to one that’s well away from any source of water. If you’re not sure which bathroom zone your ideal installation spot falls into, here’s everything you need to know:

  • Zone 0: is located directly within your bathtub or shower tray and requires a product with an IPX7 rating.
  • Zone 1: is the area directly above your bath or shower up to a height of 2.25m and requires an IPX4 rating.
  • Zone 2: is the area immediately outside of your bath or shower up to 60cm and requires an IPX4 rating.
  • Zone 3: is any area outside of zone 2 and no IP rating is officially required here.

If you are planning to install an electric radiator in a zone 1 or 2 area that may be hosed down to clean, it’s highly advisable to choose an IPX5 rated heater which will ensure it’s protected from low pressure jets of water. If you’re ever unsure about what IP rating you need for your bathroom zone, a professional electrician will be able to provide advice and guidance.

Efficient & convenient bathroom heating

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    Many of the bathroom electric radiators in our range come with an adaptive start feature which learns when to start pre-heating your room so it’s the perfect temperature exactly when needed.

  • Energy Usage Statistics

    The Bluetooth controllable oil filled bathroom heaters we stock offer access to energy usage statistics so you can monitor your consumption from your phone.

  • Quick Professional Installation

    All bathroom electric radiators must be installed by a qualified electrician; however, this is a quick and easy process for a professional.