Freestanding Electric Radiators

Most of our electric radiators can be mounted on feet or casters to provide a free-standing fitting. Freestanding electric radiators can be useful in rental properties, conservatories, caravans, and spare bedrooms. With lightweight radiators from only 5kg, plug in radiators make an excellent portable heating solution. We also stock oil-filled freestanding electric radiators that offer improved heat retention and distribution – an ideal choice for occasional heating. All of our freestanding electric heaters, except our range of portable oil-filled electric radiators, can also be wall mounted, so you always have the option of switching to a more permanent fitting.

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What are freestanding electric radiators?

Freestanding electric radiators offer a practical heating solution that can be picked up and transported around the home – offering on-demand warmth that’s perfect for “off the cuff” or spontaneous use. Whether you need to keep guests warm in your spare bedroom, require an additional heat boost in your office, or simply want to be prepared for any eventuality, opt for one of our freestanding electric radiators and enjoy portable heating whenever the need arises.

The benefits of freestanding electric radiators

  • Portable Heating Whenever Needed

    Purchase applicable electric radiators with their feet accessory and enjoy efficient heating that you can move from room to room.

  • Easy-Attach Feet

    The freestanding radiators in our range can be purchased with attachable feet that slot into place for quick and easy installation.

  • Energy-Efficient Heating

    Our range of freestanding electric radiators come with a plethora of features designed to save energy and trim your running costs.

  • Option of Wall Mounting

    Freestanding electric radiators can be easily wall mounted if you opt for permanent installation later down the line and include all the necessary fixtures and fittings.

  • Perfect for Occasional Heating

    Freestanding electric radiators offer a versatile heating solution: allowing you to warm guest rooms, boost the temperature in your office, and take your heating wherever it’s needed most.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All of the radiators in our range are fully Lot 20 compliant and come with integrated energy saving features to keep costs to a minimum.

How do I install freestanding electric radiators?

Freestanding electric radiators can be set up in seconds, enabling portable heating that you can take with you wherever you go. Most of the freestanding radiators in our range, such as the Haverland RC Wave and SmartWave, can be purchased with clip-on feet that simply snap into position at the base of the heaters. Once fitted, all that’s left is for you to plug your chosen heater into the nearest wall socket. If you decide on a permanent location to use your electric radiators, they can even be wall mounted with ease and come with all necessary fixtures and fittings. If you need to use your heating freestanding again, simply take them off the wall and mount them back onto their feet; it couldn’t be simpler.

Can I leave a freestanding electric radiator running all night?

While you can comfortably leave electric radiators to run all night, freestanding electric radiators risk overheating if they’re tipped over by accident. Typically, electric radiator thermostats are located on the outside of their casings, towards the bottom of the heaters. These thermostats measure air temperature and instruct the heaters when to heat. If your freestanding electric radiator fell over, the thermostat may be obstructed and send inaccurate readings, which could result in your spaces being too warm and, in extreme cases, your radiator may overheat. Due to this, freestanding electric radiators should not be left to run overnight. If you want to leave your heating to run unattended, wall mounting your electric radiators is the best option as this ensure the thermostat is clear from any potential obstructions.

What freestanding electric radiators can I choose?

If you’re after a reliable, low-cost electric radiator that can be made freestanding, look no further than our firm favourite: the Haverland RC Wave. Featuring an elegantly curved design, detailed digital programming, and lightweight aluminium heating elements that’re quick to heat up and cool down, the RC Wave is a superb choice for energy-efficient freestanding heating. The RC Wave’s close cousin, the SmartWave, offers even more – featuring innovative motion sensing technology, WiFi control using the SmartBox accessory, and both white and anthracite models depending on your preference. Whatever your needs, there’s a freestanding electric radiator to suit in our extensive range.