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German Electric Radiators

German manufacturing has long been considered the benchmark for quality and innovation. Whether it's cars, large commercial developments, electric goods or German electric heating systems, “made in Germany” is the hallmark of excellence. Our range of German electric radiators are no different, providing intelligent, energy-efficient heating with outstanding build quality. If you want an electric heating system that will serve you well for years to come, browse our range of German electric radiators and experience world-class design, manufacturing, and presentation.

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What are German electric radiators?

Manufactured to impeccable standards, with a focus on innovative design and high-quality craftsmanship, German electric radiators offer a premium heating solution that’s designed to last. Boasting outstanding build quality using the finest materials, as well as cutting-edge control options and energy-saving features, our range of German electric heating systems represent some of the most advanced systems on the market. Available in white or anthracite finishes, vertical or horizontal orientations, in sizes big or small, whatever your needs, you’ll find them catered for in our range of German radiators.

The benefits of German electric radiators

  • High-Quality Manufacturing

    Our German electric radiators are crafted to exceptional standards using high-quality components, resulting in a superior overall finish.

  • Innovative Technology

    German electric radiators typically feature advanced heating technology, such as geolocation control, adaptive start, open-window detection and more.

  • Extended Warranty Periods

    Due to their superior manufacturing standards, German electric radiators feature longer warranty periods.

  • Precision Temperature Control

    German electric radiators feature highly accurate digital thermostats that precisely monitor temperatures to keep your spaces perfectly warm.

  • Improved Heat Retention

    To improve energy-efficiency, our range of German electric radiators use ceramic bricks within their housings for additional heat retention.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    German electric radiators meet current EU standards regarding efficiency – providing an eco-conscious, modern heating system.

What makes German electric radiators different?

German electric radiators offer an extensive upgrade over conventional electric radiators in terms of their design and manufacturing quality. The German electric heating systems in our range are crafted to exceptional standards, with extensive quality control processes in place to ensure each unit is as flawless as the last. Our premium range of Technotherm German electric radiators even come with a unique code that can be traced back to the manufacturing plant, helping to identify who built each individual component. They also come with a 15-year warranty for peace of mind, reflecting their outstanding build quality and design. Aside from these differences, German electric radiators are the same as other electric radiators – offering a controllable, energy-efficient heating solution that can replace central heating.

How efficient are German electric radiators?

All electric radiators are 100% efficient at point of use, which means all the electricity drawn from the wall is converted into heat, with zero waste. The German radiators in our range use dry thermal heating elements which are sandwiched between ceramic bricks. When warm, the bricks retain heat long after your radiators have stopped drawing power – offering an energy-efficient means of keeping spaces warm. These ceramic and clay filled radiators produce substantially more radiant heat than conventional radiators - which is directly absorbed by objects, people, and surfaces, heating the very fabric of your space. This is inherently energy-efficient as you’re not relying on airflow to raise temperatures, which can escape via open doors or windows. Our range of traditional-style German electric radiators also come with plated fronts that maximise their surface area, allowing even more air to heat your rooms. If your main concern is energy-efficiency, our range of German electric radiators are second to none – going above and beyond to provide cost-saving, eco-friendly heating day-in, day-out.

What is the best German electric radiator for my space?

While the quality of our German electric radiators remains constant throughout our range, the level of control and additional features provided differ between products. So you can see which German radiator is better suited to your space, we’ve compared three of our most popular models below.

Comparing German Electric Radiators
Ecostrad Ecowärme Technotherm KS TDI Technotherm KS DSM
Heating Element Dry Stone Dry Stone Dy Stone
Heat Retention Good Excellent Excellent
24/7 Digital Programming Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Sizes Yes Yes Yes
Open Window Detection Yes Yes Yes
Adaptive Start Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Control No No Yes (with WiFi Hub)
Amazon Alexa Voice Control No No Yes (with WiFi Hub)
Energy Consumption Statistics No No Yes (with WiFi Hub)

Versatile, Efficient Heating

  • Traditional Heating for Period Homes

    Our German electric radiators are the perfect choice for classically styled homes, with their pleated fronts and stately aesthetic.

  • Multiple Finishes & Orientations

    Our range of German electric radiators come in either white or anthracite finishes, as well as horizontal and vertical orientations.

  • Easy to Use & Controllable

    German electric radiators offer simple, intuitive control and some can be used with WiFi for access to your heating on the move.