With the twilight creeping closer and with crunchy leaves underfoot, autumn’s unwelcome chill is truly in the air. A forgotten warmth stirs in the Electric Radiators Direct office, as our heaters wake from their summer slumber and, joining every other radiator in the UK, prepare for another season of near-constant use. Despite the on-coming cold, keeping warm this autumn doesn’t need to be an arduous affair. Throw down your radiator-keys, forgo bleeding your entire system from room-to-room, and embrace the Ecostrad VeeSmart, our newest and most luxurious wall-mountable electric radiator. This blog will explore the designer VeeSmart in more detail, take a look at the in-vogue vertical wall-mounting trend, and refresh our minds to the benefits of wall-mounting in general. With only a few more weeks until the definitive end of summer, consider this an amber alert for getting your heating up to scratch before the frost fully sets in! 

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