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Wifi Controlled Electric Radiators

If you’re looking for an electric heater with a remote control, why not go one step further and opt for WiFi controlled electric radiators? These heaters let you manage warmth from anywhere in the world, all from an app on your smart device. Never again will you have to worry about wasting energy by accidentally leaving your heating on – with a WiFi electric radiator, you can easily adjust your heating remotely. All you have to do is plug our stylish electric radiators into the mains and from there you can use the intuitive Ecostrad Ecosystem app to schedule warmth to perfection. WiFi heaters also let you tweak energy usage so its in line with your spending targets – perfect for those keen on saving energy. So, to modernise your home heating system – opt for a WiFi electric heater now.

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What are WiFi controlled electric radiators?

WiFi controlled electric radiators allow you to program your heating over the internet using a smartphone or tablet for complete control wherever you are in the world. As long as you have access to the internet, you can use your phone to change your programming, turn your heaters on and off or choose new target temperatures for your radiators. Any adjustments you make to your heating via your phone will be instantly relayed to your electric radiators so you’ll always have a convenient point of access to your system. Forgotten to turn your heaters off after you leave the house? With a WiFi electric radiator, you’ll never need to worry about wasting energy – just a few taps of your phone screen is all you need to take control.

The benefits of WiFi controlled electric radiators

  • Access Your Heating Anywhere, Anytime

    With WiFi controlled electric radiators, you can adjust your heating from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access and a compatible mobile device.

  • Intuitive User Interfaces

    These electric radiators are controlled using an app on your phone, offering an intuitive interface that makes programming your heaters a breeze.

  • Instant Response Time

    Any changes you make on the heating app are relayed to your heaters in seconds, ensuring streamlined running of your electric radiators for optimum efficiency.

  • Guest Account Features

    Many heater apps allow you to create guest accounts so other users can control your heaters without having full access to your profile settings. Great for rental properties and holiday lets.

  • Energy Usage Statistics

    WiFi controlled electric radiators allow you to view energy usage information via the app so you can identify where to economise and reduce consumption.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    Our WiFi controlled electric radiators fully meet new EU energy-efficiency standards for completely optimised heating with minimal running costs.

How do WiFi controlled electric radiators work?

Rather than adjusting your heater manually, WiFi controlled electric radiators are designed to be programmed using an app downloaded to your smart device or computer. Once the app is installed on your phone or tablet, it's simply a case of creating a user account to pair all of the radiators in your system so that any changes you make to your programming will be relayed to your heaters. After the initial setup, any changes made to your heating via the app will be sent to your home router via WiFi or your phone’s data service, updating your system in an instant. Some electric radiators have WiFi receivers built in so that they can communicate directly with your home router, whereas other models require an additional gateway hub which converts this information into a radio frequency signal. Whichever method they use, WiFi controlled radiators offer an easy and intuitive way to take charge of your heating, providing a level of usability that other heaters can’t match.

Do you have to control WiFi electric radiators over the internet?

Though they’re designed primarily for app-based programming, these electric radiators also come with in-built control panels so you can interact directly with your heaters without requiring an internet connection. So, if you accidentally break your phone or lose internet service, you can still adjust your radiators while you’re at home. The control panels built into a WiFi electric radiator will allow you to access most of the features offered by the app so you can ensure your spaces are still kept warm and toasty. Even if you do lose internet connection, your electric radiators will continue to run on their current program uninterrupted, so you can make any new changes the moment your service is restored.

What other energy-saving features do WiFi controlled electric radiators have?

Smart electric radiators offer the very latest innovations in home heating, providing a wealth of extra features to help you save money and trim usage down as much as possible. Features common to both normal and WiFi controlled electric radiators are adaptive start and open window detection. Adaptive start calculates when to start preheating your rooms so they reach the right temperature at the right time using the least amount of energy, completely taking the guesswork out of when to set your heating to achieve the best results. Open window detection works by pausing your heating whenever a sharp drop in temperature is detected because of a strong draught, which prevents you from wasting heat and energy at the same time. Other innovative features offered by some WiFi enabled electric radiators are voice control for easy, hands-free heating; and geolocation which switches your heating to a lower setting when you’re away from home and increases it when it detects you returning. Many apps for WiFi controlled electric radiators come with the option to view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly energy usage statistics for each of your heaters so you can accurately track and monitor consumption and identify any areas where you can save money – a superb feature whether you’re heating a domestic property or a large commercial building.

Customisable, Energy-Efficient Heating

  • Compatible with Multiple Devices

    Heating apps for WiFi controlled electric radiators are compatible with a range of devices so you can use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to adjust your radiators.

  • Range of Styles & Sizes

    From traditional to modern, white to anthracite, our WiFi controllable electric radiators come in styles to suit every interior.

  • Vertical & Horizontal Options

    Choose from horizontal or vertical WiFi controllable electric radiators to suit your available wall space.