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  1. Our Price £69.99 inc. VAT
    • Control Herschel Heaters via WiFi
    • Android & iOS Compatible
    • Compatible with Herschel iQ System
    warranty 1 Year
  2. Our Price £62.99 inc. VAT
    • Control Herschel Heaters Up To 3600W
    • 45 °C Temperature Range
    • WiFi Compatible with iQ Hub
    warranty 1 Year
  3. Our Price £14.99 inc. VAT
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    • Use with the Ecostrad Heatglo
    • Attaches Beneath Parasols & Awnings
    • Fits Any Parasol Size
  4. Special Price Our Price £40.49 inc. VAT Regular Price £44.99
    • Control Additional Herschel Heaters
    • Max Load of 10 Amps (2300w)
    • WiFi Compatible with iQ Hub
    warranty 1 Year
  5. Special Price Our Price £66.59 inc. VAT Regular Price £73.99
    • Wireless Control for Herschel Heaters
    • Thermostat & Programmer
    • WiFi Compatible with iQ Hub
    warranty 1 Year
  6. Our Price £139.99 inc. VAT
    • Controls Elnur SSH Storage Heaters
    • Allows Remote Programming
    • Pair up to 31 Storage Heaters
    warranty 12 Months
  7. Our Price £99.99 inc. VAT
    • Wireless Temperature Control
    • Adjust up to 9 Technotherm Panels
    • WiFi Control with Eco Interface
    warranty 2 Year
  8. Our Price £149.99 inc. VAT
    • Smart Heating for Technotherm Panels
    • WiFi & App Control
    • Requires Technotherm TPF-Eco Thermostat
    warranty 2 Year

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Customer Questions

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  1. Can thermostats and programmers be used in bathrooms?

    1. This is a question that gets asked occasionally and, unfortunately, it’s something of a grey area. With any bathroom electrical, you need to be sure that the product has a compatible IP rating that ensures it’s well protected against water and adheres to regulations concerning the bathroom zone it will be installed in. Bathroom zones 1 and 2 require an IP rating of at least IPX4 for any electrical appliance, but for zone 3, there are no official requirements.

      As many room thermostats have low IP ratings unsuitable for zones 1 and 2, you may think that installing it in zone 3 of your bathroom will be adequate, but this isn’t always the case. Bathrooms are subject to extreme levels of humidity and condensation, which can cause thermostat components to degrade over time. Using a thermostat with a low IP rating in zone 3 of your bathroom is possible but not advised if you want to ensure its longevity. Usually the best solution is to employ an electrician who can mount the thermostat outside the bathroom and run a hardwired connection through the wall.

      Thermostats and programmers with high IP ratings are available but we do not currently stock these products. If you want a bathroom heating solution with a greater level of control, you may want to take a look at our excellent selection of towel rails with programmers and integrated thermostats.

  2. Which controllers are suitable for use outside?

    1. Indoors, the best way to control your heating is with a thermostat. Outdoors this isn’t a practical option, because outdoor heaters work to offset the cold of outdoor weather, rather than raise the overall temperature.

      The best way to control outdoor heaters is with semi-manual controllers that make it easy for you to adapt your heating needs to your comfort levels. Push-button timers, dimmers and motion sensors are simple controllers that make managing your energy usage easy. Most products will be rated IPX4 or higher if they’re intended to be used outside, although you should always check product descriptions to make sure it has the right level of protection you need, as individual installation requirements can vary.

  3. How do central controllers work?

    1. Setting heat levels for every single electric heater in your home can be a tiresome endeavour, especially if you want them to act like a central heating system, warming all areas of your home at the same time. Central controllers allow you to do just that, making your electric heaters act as a unified system, so you can adjust your heating from one single point and all of the heaters in the house will respond.

      Central control systems are comprised of a central thermostatic control unit and a set of receivers which intercept and initiate the thermostat’s commands. Your heaters wire directly into the receivers, which switch them on or off to maintain the temperatures set at the thermostat. Whenever you make a change to your heating plan – be it a slight temperature adjustment or the incorporation of a new heating routine – the controller will signal the receivers accordingly.

      You’ll need to take note of the maximum load the receivers can cope with as this varies from product to product: the higher the amp load, the more heaters the receiver can accommodate without you having to purchase an additional receiver. Always make sure that the central control system you intend to buy will be able to cope with the amperage of your heaters before committing to a purchase. A receiver with a 10Amp limit can control a combined total of up to 2300W, whilst a receiver with a 16Amp limit can control up to 3680W.

      All heaters wired into a central control system will change according to any input made on the main controller, so they will no longer act as a zoned heating system with each operating individually. If you want to control any of your heaters independently, you will need to purchase additional thermostats.

Electric Heater Accessories

We stock a wide range of accessories that allow you to fully adapt your electric heating systems to suit your lifestyle. A thermostat works by communicating with your radiators to ensure that the desired room temperature is maintained. This can help prevent you overheating rooms and in turn, helps to save money on your heating bills. For even greater management of your heating, a wireless thermostat can be controlled via the internet. Whether it’s to turn up the heating so that you arrive home to a toasty house or to turn off your system whilst abroad, with a wireless thermostat you can control your heating from anywhere in the world. If you require a portable heating solution, we have a range of tripods and feet that are compatible with many of our electric heaters.