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Electric Heaters with Thermostat and Timer

A wide range of our electric heaters come with a thermostat and timer, allowing you to heat your property with ease. By monitoring the room, thermostats detect a rise or fall in heat levels, knowing to cut power to a heater if the temperature gets too high and to top up the heat if the temperature falls below your desired level. If you opt for an electric heater with timer, you can arrange for your heating to come on for a specified time that fits around your routine, which not only saves on energy but also helps to keep costs low for a more economical system. Choosing an electric heater with a thermostat and timer is choosing an efficient way to heat your home.

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Electric heaters with thermostats explained

Many of our electric heaters feature an intuitive thermostat that accurately monitors room temperature and detects increases and decreases in heat levels. Preventing over and underheating, the thermostats automatically switch off your heater or top up warmth in your room when it senses a space is too hot or cold – an effective way to simultaneously save energy and maintain ambient temperatures. Some of these heaters also come with a handy timer function that activates your heating at a time that best suits your routine, letting you schedule warmth to perfection.


Why choose a heater with a thermostat?

To avoid needlessly heating rooms, electric heaters fitted with a thermostat are an intuitive way to save energy with virtually no effort required. Providing an efficient solution, thermostatic control helps trim down running costs, making energy-saving that much easier. Besides sustainability, thermostats always maintain a comfortable room temperature, so you can enjoy a toasty home without the fuss. Timer functions are another great feature of some of these heaters – boosting efficiency whilst managing your heating on your behalf, for ultimate convenience.

Top 3 benefits of heaters with a thermostat

  • Intuitive Heating

    Precision temperature control allows you to perfectly maintain your ideal heat levels with minimal waste.

  • Maximum Efficiency

    Thermostats automatically switch your heater off if a rise in temperature is detected, eliminating the risk of overheating your room.

  • Precision Warmth

    Some of our precise digital thermostats are accurate to ±0.2 ºC, ensuring your room achieves ideal comfort levels time and time again.

Which thermostatic heater is best for me?

From smart electric radiators to sleek infrared wall and ceiling panels, we have a versatile selection of thermostatic heaters to choose from. If you’re looking for a flexible heating solution that lets you manage warmth from an app on your smartphone, you can’t go wrong with a WiFi controlled electric radiator. For those seeking responsive warmth for a range of interiors, infrared panels are an ideal solution and can even be mounted on your wall or ceiling. Better yet, our thermostatic heaters are available in different styles, colours and finishes, so you’re sure to find one that perfectly complements your interior design scheme.