Kitchen Electric Radiators

Electric radiators make an energy efficient choice for kitchen heating because they will adapt quickly to changes in temperature and can be fully controlled to suit your weekly routine. High precision thermostats built into our electric radiators control the temperature of each room individually; that means your kitchen will be kept at a consistent temperature, whatever you’re cooking, without impacting on your heating elsewhere in the house. Our kitchen radiators feature both traditional and contemporary designs, all suitable for DIY plug-in-and-go installation, so you can rest assured that there’s a kitchen heater for interiors of all sizes and styles.

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What are kitchen electric radiators?

The kitchen is the heart of the home, providing a welcoming communal space for cooking, eating and family time. With all the hustle and bustle, heating, cooling, kitchen areas are particularly prone to fluctuating heat levels. Whether it’s a large open plan space or a long, narrow kitchen you’re looking to heat, this selection of electric radiators is specifically appropriate for keeping your kitchen at a perfect temperature throughout the year. With in-built, highly precise digital thermostats and unparalleled control, they’re designed to maintain the ideal temperature in your kitchen in the most efficient way possible, for heating you can rely on.

The benefits of kitchen electric radiators

  • Various Styles & Sizes

    From the traditional German radiators to a more designer styles, there’s an electric radiator to suit any kitchen design scheme.

  • Simple to Use

    All of our kitchen electric radiators boast ergonomic, intuitive control functions, from simple manual control to more advanced WiFi connectivity.

  • Easy Installation

    We always recommend getting an electric radiator hardwired if it will be exposed to water, a quick and easy job for a professional.

  • Efficient Warmth

    Featuring the latest heating technology, kitchen electric radiators are an efficient heating solution, supplying lasting and reliable warmth.

  • Precise Temperature Control

    Built-in precision thermostats to keep your kitchen at a consistent temperature, no matter what you’re cooking.

  • Open Window Detection

    An energy-saving feature that automatically adapts to a sudden drop in temperature from opening a window or door.

Why are electric radiators good for kitchens?

The flexibility offered by electric radiators makes them a perfect fit for the changes in temperature common with kitchens. Turning your radiator down when you’re cooking a roast dinner is at the touch of a button, and it won’t alter your heating in other areas of your property. Precision thermostats also help manage temperature fluctuations. Quietly monitoring your kitchen’s temperature in the background, precision thermostats adjust the radiator’s temperature if it ever goes up or down from your desired set temperature.

What IP rating do I need for my kitchen?

Steam and condensation are common in kitchens, as are accidental spills and splashes. Making sure your kitchen radiator is well-protected from these drops of liquid is easy through IP ratings. All of our kitchen electric radiators come with at least an IPX4 rating, meaning they are protected against splashes from all directions.