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Workshop Heaters

Our range of electric workshop heaters are the perfect solution for keeping your workshop warm, especially during the cooler months, so you can continue working without worrying about winter getting in the way. We have a variety of options, including infrared workshop heaters, which provide a deeper level of warmth that's perfect for tackling the cold. You can opt fo wall-mounted heaters for a more permanent solution or freestanding, plug-in appliances that are lightweight, portable and super easy to install. No matter your preference, our workshop heaters provide long-lasting and efficient warmth that you can rely on.

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What are workshop heaters?

These electric heating solutions are designed to effectively offset chilly temperatures in your workshop, so you can comfortably carry out your DIY tasks in a warm environment. Our extensive collection of electric radiators and infrared heaters provide your workshop with energy-efficient warmth that can be easily controlled by an app on your phone or simple manual adjustment, depending on your preference. With a wide range of designs and finishes available, you can even choose a heater that brings a touch of elegance to your workshop.

The benefits of workshop heaters

  • Zero Maintenance

    With no risk of carbon monoxide leaks, these heaters do not require an annual safety check, sparing you fuss and expense.

  • Sophisticated Control

    Many of our heating solutions offer 24/7 programming and WiFi connectivity, letting you micromanage the warmth in your workshop without any hassle.


    Quick and straightforward to fit, our workshop heaters include all the fixings and fittings needed to ease the installation process.

    100% Efficient

    Every watt of energy drawn from the wall is converted into usable heat for your workshop, for efficient and effective heating.

    Precise Temperature Control

    Our workshop heaters feature precise digital thermostats that accurately control temperature whilst helping you save energy.

    Lot 20 Compliant

    Each one of our electric radiators is manufactured to the latest energy efficient standards.

Why are electric radiators ideal for workshops?

Using a combination of convection and radiation, electric radiators heat the surrounding air as well as people and objects directly, supplying responsive, deep warmth that’s long-lasting. In draught-prone spaces like workshops, radiant warmth is particularly effective at offsetting those chilly temperatures, making these heating solutions an ideal choice for this type of interior. You can even purchase attachable feet that allow for freestanding fitting, letting you place the radiator near your workstation so you immediately feel the benefit of fast-acting, robust warmth.