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Anthracite Electric Radiators

Anthracite has a distinctly modern feel and is just as easy to work into a colour scheme as white, beautifully complementing a range of interior palettes. If you want your heating to make a statement, a well-placed anthracite electric radiator does just that, but if you prefer your system to be discreet, its muted grey tones can also blend seamlessly into the background. From an anthracite column radiator to an eye-catching vertical frame, it’s never been easier to handpick a heater that best aligns with your interior design goals. These contemporary heaters feature an attractive textured finish to mimic the natural appearance of raw anthracite, making an excellent choice for those looking to break away from traditional heating aesthetics.  

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What are anthracite electric radiators?

Anthracite electric radiators boast a daring and brave aesthetic, offering an eye-catching heating solution that adds a contemporary edge to any space. Whether you’re contrasting or complementing an existing design scheme, a grey electric radiator is sure to stand out – avoiding the ubiquitous white of conventional heating systems for an altogether more stylish look. Featuring detailed digital programmers, energy-saving features, and a chic 21st century design, anthracite electric radiators provide both substance and style for the most opulent spaces.

The benefits of anthracite electric radiators

  • Daring & Unique Designs

    Flaunting a sleek, slightly textured finish, grey electric radiators add luxury appeal to any space.

  • Energy-Efficient Heating

    Our anthracite electric radiators come with detailed digital programmers, varying control options, and energy-saving features as standard.

  • Precision Temperature Control

    Using highly accurate digital thermostats, our anthracite electric radiators maintain temperatures with absolute precision.

  • Simple DIY Installation

    We provide anthracite electric radiators that can be installed DIY with ease, without the need for professional call outs.

  • Controllable & Responsive

    Using the interface at the front of the heater, or via Bluetooth or WiFi depending on the model, our anthracite radiators can be intuitively controlled with ease.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All our anthracite electric radiators meet EU regulations governing energy-efficiency, offering an eco-friendly heating system.

What is anthracite?

In terms of electric radiators, anthracite is the name given to a range of colours between dark grey and black – offering a semi-metallic sheen that adds individuality to any room. The perfect choice for those looking to break from the conventional white of traditional appliances, our grey electric radiators help to create a bespoke, designer feel throughout the home and most come with a slightly textured, flecked finish.

Are anthracite electric radiators different to other electric radiators?

Aside from their colour and finish, anthracite electric radiators are the same as any other of our electric radiators. They come with a range of energy-saving features, can be programmed to follow a heating schedule, and feature a range of control options depending on the individual radiator. If you’re looking for an eco-conscious heating system that can be used throughout the home and don’t think a white electric radiator will suit your space, an anthracite electric radiator is the obvious choice.

Energy-saving features explained

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    Adaptive start allows your anthracite electric radiators to “learn” how long it takes to reach temperatures at certain times, helping to ensure they’re always hitting your target temperature whenever scheduled to.

  • Open Window Detection

    Open window detection stops your anthracite electric radiators from wastefully heating if a sharp drop in temperature is detected, typically stemming from an open window. Your heating will resume once the temperature equalises.

  • 24/7 Digital Programming

    All our anthracite electric radiators allow you to set a detailed heating schedule that caters to your needs. Setting a schedule helps to reduce wasted energy by only allowing your radiators to heat when instructed.