Storage Heaters

When used on an Economy 7 electricity tariff, storage heaters can bring about a significant saving on energy bills, as the heaters charge during the off-peak night-time period before releasing this stored heat the following day. Whilst traditional storage heaters have a reputation for being a somewhat unreliable heat source, our range of modern, slimline storage heaters are available with advanced features, including programmable thermostats and timers, to give you greater control over your heating. ... read more

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How do storage heaters work?

Electric storage heaters offer a cost-effective means of keeping warm on an Economy energy tariff, servicing inaccessible homes without access to the gas grid. Economy energy tariffs provide cheaper night-time electricity rates in exchange for inflated daytime rates. Storage heaters take advantage of this, drawing power overnight and “storing” heat for use throughout the following day. In the past, electrical storage heaters were cumbersome, inefficient, and lacked detailed control mechanisms, making them unwieldly and difficult. However, modern electric storage heaters have been revamped for the demands of 21st century living, offering automatic charge functions, WiFi control, and detailed programmers – making it easier to live on an Economy tariff.

The benefits of electric storage heaters

  • Cheaper Night-Time Electricity

    Using electric storage heaters with Economy tariffs gives you a reduced night time electricity rate, enabling you to make huge savings by running electrical appliances at night rather than in the day.

  • Economical Heating

    In conjunction with Economy energy tariffs, electric storage heaters offer a cost-effective means of keeping spaces warm, with the scope to save you money on your monthly bills.

  • Intelligent, Energy-Saving Features

    New electric storage heaters come with a range of functions that help you to economise, such as automatic charge regulators, 24/7 programming, and open window detection.

  • WiFi Controllable Models

    Some of the best electric storage heaters in our range can be WiFi controlled using a WiFi Hub accessory, allowing you to control your heating in the UK from anywhere in the world.

  • Large Outputs Available

    To ensure your spaces are adequately heated, our electric storage heaters for sale come in 850 – 3400w sizes – ensuring you always have enough stored heat to keep you warm throughout the following day.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All our electric storage heaters meet current EU efficiency standards, providing an environmentally conscious heating solution and high heat retention.

Why would I need an electric storage heater?

Normally, homes without access to gas or high-rise flats are the most likely to require electric storage heaters but any property with an Economy tariff, regardless of its location, can benefit from these cost-saving heaters. Economy 7, the most popular Economy tariff, allows homes to enjoy substantial savings when they use electrical appliances in the evening and into the night – balancing this with an inflated daytime rate. If you’re on one of these tariffs, you’ll benefit from electric storage heaters as running any electric appliance throughout the day can be a costly endeavour. You can switch to a standard energy tariff but if you’re already adjusted to Economy energy use, look no further than our range of electric storage heaters.

Are new electric storage heaters more efficient?

Electrical storage heaters of the past gained a bad reputation, offering little in the way of control and often falling short of people’s expectations. However, modern electric storage heaters have readdressed this issue, providing sophisticated controls and energy-saving features as standard – helping you save money while offering a level of control that’s akin to some of our most advanced electric heating systems.

The Technotherm TTB-E range of electric storage heaters offer WiFi control when purchased with the Technotherm DSM Interface WiFi Hub accessory, allowing you access to your heating wherever you are in the world, a far cry from the rudimentary turn-dial controls of older models. The electric storage heaters in our range also feature automatic charge regulators, which work out how much or how little heat is required for the following day and 24/7 digital programmers, so you can tailor your heating to your routine. All of which helps to keep wasted energy to a minimum and ensures efficient day-to-day running.

Can you replace electric storage heaters with electric radiators?

If you’re looking to switch to a standard energy tariff and want to leave Economy 7 behind, swapping your electric storage heaters for electric radiators is a wise move. Offering all the benefits of electric storage heating but without any of the compromise or restrictions, electric radiators are a superb alternative that can be used throughout the home for energy-efficient heating day and night. They feature precision digital thermostats, energy-saving features, and come with a range of control options depending on the model, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and voice control. If you’re unable to swap tariffs, electric storage heaters are the better option as they’re tailor made for Economy lifestyles.

Energy-saving features explained

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    Adaptive start allows your electric storage heaters to “pre-heat” ahead of their schedule, ensuring your spaces are always perfectly heated at exactly the right times.

  • Open Window Detection

    Electric storage heaters with open window detection will stop heating if they detect a rapid drop in temperature, avoiding wasteful heating by not combatting the heat loss.

  • Automatic Charge Regulator

    Modern electric storage heaters use automatic charge regulators to determine how much heat should be “stored” overnight for the following day.