Traditional Towel Rails

The unobtrusive, dual-purpose heated electric towel rail is fast becoming an essential in the modern bathroom, simultaneously warming the room whilst drying towels and keeping them toasty for later use. A traditional towel rail design is a fail-safe source of heat which doesn’t detract from the overall room design. Choose from a white towel radiator, which will suit traditional bathroom styles, or a sleek chrome towel rail to complement contemporary décor. All the towel rails within our range are easy to install, although this must be carried out by a qualified electrician. Browse our full collection now to find a traditional electric towel rail that beautifully complements your interior design scheme. ... read more

Style & Control Options

Style Options

From traditional to ultra-modern, white to anthracite we have a style to suit you and your space. style

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Control Options

Each towel rail comes with 4 control options from basic controls to smart advanced energy saving features.

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What are traditional towel rails?

A traditional towel rail is an electric, dual-purpose heating solution that dries your towels whilst supplying a deep level of warmth to your entire bathroom. Prefilled with heat retentive thermal fluid, they are quick to heat up and slow to cool down, for responsive warmth that lasts. When it comes to control, you can choose from a wide range of options, from smart WiFi connectivity to precise thermostatic heat management. Boasting a classic aesthetic in a range of stylish finishes, these traditional heaters also integrate neatly into a range of décors, bringing a touch elegance to any interior. With designs that excel in functionality, they even serve as extra storage space for your towels.


Independent bathroom heating

Rather than having to heat your whole property, many of our towel rails let you manage bathroom warmth separately from the rest of your home – ideal for when full home heating isn’t necessary. By only supplying warmth when you need it, these heaters make energy-saving that much easier.

The benefits of traditional towel rails

  • Striking Modern Design

    Whether you opt for classic white or contemporary anthracite, our vast array of aesthetic choices lets you handpick a heater that perfectly complements your décor.

  • Dual Purpose

    These heaters ensure your towels are dry whilst providing your whole bathroom with comfortable warmth, for premium multi-functional heating.

  • Convenient Design

    All of our traditional towel rails sport a classic ladder design, so you can hang multiple towels at once.

  • Efficient Warmth

    Our traditional towel rails are 100% efficient at point of use, meaning all the power drawn from the wall is converted into usable heat for your bathroom.

  • Smart Control

    With Bluetooth and WiFi control options available, you can manage your bathroom heating via an app on your smartphone.

  • Lot 20 Exempt

    Towel rails don’t need to abide by Lot 20 regulations – ideal for those seeking an energy-efficient heating solution.

Safety Guarantee

All of our traditional towel rails come with a splashproof IP rating which make them safe for bathroom installation. Some of these heaters even include an LST function that restricts the temperature of the towel rail to prevent overheating and the risk of fire, for maximum protection and total peace of mind.