How zoning your heating can save you money

Last updated: June 2024

With rising energy prices, finding new ways to save money is key when it comes to heating your home. From energy support schemes to more conscious usage, the internet is full of advice on how to do this, but there is a solution suitable for every household – zoned heating. By managing your heating on a room-by-room basis, you can save up to 37% on your heating bills. So, let’s take a deeper look at what zoned heating is, how it works and how you can benefit from it.

Discover the power of zoned heating! Learn what it is, how it works, and all the ways it can save energy.

What is zoned heating?

Simply put, zoned heating is the process of programming different temperature settings for each individual heater in your home. For example, having your living room radiator set to 21˚C and your bathroom towel rail to 16 ˚C. Or having your downstairs heating on a different schedule to your upstairs heating. This essentially creates different zones throughout your property, so you don’t end up wasting energy heating areas of your home that aren’t in use. Not only is this kinder to your pocket, it’s also better for the environment too.  

Why electric is built for multizone heating

Unlike gas central heating, electric heaters aren’t part of an interconnected system. With no pipework or boiler, they work completely separately from another as standalone appliances, making multizone heating easy.

In fact, many electric heaters are fitted with their own individual thermostats. This is what makes it possible to program unique settings for every room in your home. Extremely accurate, these thermostats ensure the temperature doesn’t fluctuate beyond your chosen heat level and allows access to a wealth of energy saving features.

How does zoned heating save you money?

It’s simple, the lower your energy usage, the less you have to pay.

So, if you only have the heating on in the rooms you’re using instead of wasting energy elsewhere, your heating bills won’t be as high. Instead, you can tailor the heating in your home to suit your needs whilst also saving money.  

Creating your own heating zones: a room-by-room guide 

The great thing about electric heating is the variety. There are multiple options available, allowing you to mix and match throughout your home to truly create unique and individual zones in every room.

The cosy hub of any home needs a heater that’s going to help create the perfect ambience. The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic is the solution. With a heat retentive ceramic core, it continues emitting lasting warmth even after switch-off for superior efficiency. Built-in WiFi compatibility, voice control and a motion sensor make this one of our smartest electric radiators yet.

A kitchen is one of the most versatile places in the home. Every layout is slightly different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. However, we’d recommend the Ecostrad Opus iQ. This ultra-slim infrared panel is super discreet, with ceiling and wall mounted versions available, so you can free up space in the busiest room in the home. Plus, it’s one of the fewest infrared panels on the market with integrated WiFi compatibility.  

Convenient and stylish, electric towel rails are the best option for bathroom heating. Available in two colourways, sporting a handy ladder design and supplying effective warmth, the Ecostrad Cube iQ is ideal for both drying your towels and heating your bathroom. Available in chrome and anthracite, there's a Cube iQ to match any bathroom decor.

Your own personal oasis deserves a stylish heating solution. A designer electric radiator can elevate any space, giving your bedroom a more modern feel. Look no further than the Ecostrad Adesso iQ – our slimmest electric radiator yet, available in three different colourways as well as horizontal and vertical versions to fit a range of spaces. 

Low walls require a low heating solution. Enter the Ecostrad Allerton iQ. A column-style electric radiator reminiscent of traditional cast-iron alternatives, the Allerton iQ will bring comfortable warmth and designer flair to any conservatory. Fitted with the intelligent Ecostrad iQ Element, it enables you to manage your conservatory heating from afar.   

That’s right, you can even zone your garden. Installing an electric patio heater such as the Ecostrad Sunglo in your outdoor seating area will help to offset those colder outdoor temperatures, so you can enjoy your garden for longer. Providing robust, infrared warmth, the Sunglo gets to work instantly, keeping you comfortable all year round.  

Zoning your heating with smart control

You may have noticed a theme with the above electric heaters – they all belong to the Ecostrad range. That’s because any Ecostrad heater in the iQ category can be controlled from one central location – your smartphone.

Compatible with the Smart Life and Ecostrad Ecosystem apps, these heaters can be controlled from anywhere in the world, to get your zoning down to a tee. As long as you have access to WiFi, you’ll be able to set unique schedules and temperatures for every space to trim running costs and match your routine. Smart control makes heat management simple.

How to save money with smart control

WiFi App Control

Make cost-conscious changes to your heating even when you’re away from home. Manage temperatures in every room and access a wealth of energy-saving functions with a simple tap and swipe. 

Motion Detection

Motion sensors automatically switch on when movement is detected, which means you don’t waste money heating unoccupied rooms. This is ideal for rooms that are used on a more intermittent basis such as a study, spare bedroom or conservatory. 

Voice Control

Make instant temperature adjustments when you pair your electric heaters with a smart speaker – a much more efficient way of managing your heating. 

24/7 Programming

Give each room its own heating schedule that matches your routine. Working from home? Program your office heater to switch on in the morning and off in the afternoon when you retire to the living room.    

Open Window Detection

If there’s a sudden drop in temperature, this feature will switch your heating to a lower heat level until a more stable temperature is detected. So, if you accidentally leave a window open, heat loss and energy waste is kept to a minimum.

Adaptive Start

This feature pre-heats any room ahead of your set schedule, ensuring that your different zones are warmed to perfection when you need it.  

Zone your home today with electric heaters 

Having different heating zones is key to saving money. It reduces waste and provides greater scope for managing your energy usage. Whether you’re looking to create multiple zones or just the one, electric heating is the perfect solution. Efficient, versatile and adaptable, it’s ideal for independent heating throughout your home.

Key learnings

  • Zoned heating allows you to program unique temperatures and settings for each heater in your home, as and when needed. This means you don’t waste energy heating rooms that aren’t in use.
  • By zoning your energy, you minimise your usage which ultimately saves money.
  • With in-built precision thermostats, electric heaters can be controlled on an independent basis, making them ideal for multizone heating.
  • WiFi app control, motion detection, 24/7 programming and more can all help when creating heating zones, whilst also reducing running costs.