What are the best electric patio heaters 2024?

If you live in the UK or Ireland, you’ll be no stranger to unpredictable changes in weather. One minute, the sun will be shining and the thought of an impromptu garden party sounds appealing. Next minute, the biting chill has set in, and you quickly realise that an outdoor gathering just won’t do. The solution, however, is a simple one – invest in an effective electric patio heater that combats the cold. Providing robust radiant warmth, these heaters are a sure-fired way to keep your domestic or commercial exterior toasty, whatever the weather. We’ll be taking a look at the best patio heaters of 2024, to help you find an appliance that best suits your patio area.


Infrared Patio Heater

Perfect for:

Sheltered outdoor spaces
Hard-to-heat garden rooms

Top features:

Heats in 10 seconds
Colour-coded touchscreen display
Remote control included

£99.99 Inc. VAT

Stratus Electric Patio Heater

Stylish, intuitive and efficient – meet the Stratus electric patio heater. Delivering gentle mediumwave radiant heat, the Stratus provides comfortable warmth that heats people and objects, rather than the surrounding air. This way, there’s less chance of heat being blown away by winds – perfect for offsetting colder temperatures in sheltered outdoor areas.


Offering effortless navigation, the Stratus comes with an intuitive touch-sensitive control panel that lets you manually adjust your outdoor warmth with ease. Colour coded for readability, the display shows a red symbol when a setting is on and a blue symbol when a setting is off, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a simple yet sophisticated method of heat management. If you’re using the Stratus in your commercial beer garden or garden pergola, for example, it will be easy for you to adjust temperatures to maintain a warm environment for customers or guests. Besides its state-of-the-art control panel, the Stratus also comes with a handy remote control. This external controller allows you to switch between two different output levels to help save energy on warmer days, all from the comfort of your garden chair.

Ecostrad Sunglo

Infrared Patio Heater

Perfect for:

Small domestic gardens
Compact commercial settings

Top features:

Unique honeycomb grill
2-stage power output
Remote control included

From £84.99 Inc. VAT

Ecostrad Sunglo Electric Patio Heater

The Ecostrad Sunglo is the ultimate affordable choice, providing fast-acting warmth without a heavy upfront cost. Ideal for smaller patio areas, as well as interiors like workshops and sheds, this heater is as versatile as it is pocket friendly. With its handy remote control, set the intensity at 50% or 100% and save energy on warmer days when full heat isn’t needed.

This electric patio heater gets to work right away, producing 2000w of invigorating near infrared warmth. Supplying robust heat in seconds, the Sunglo is fitted with a tungsten filament bulb, so you can rest assured that your exterior will be toasty in no time at all. Better yet, the Sunglo is built with special gold-coated reflectors on the inside of the housing that project heat out to where it’s needed most. When it comes to design, its scene-stealing honeycomb grill and black or silver finish is sure to make a statement in any space. Complete with an unobtrusive low glare bulb, the Sunglo also emits a soothing light, helping cultivate ambience in your favourite garden retreat.

Ecostrad Thermaglo

Infrared Patio Heater

Perfect for:

Sheltered outdoor spaces
Renovated sheds & garages

Top features:

Elegant contemporary design
4-stage power output & timer
Remote control included

From £99.99 Inc. VAT

Ecostrad Thermaglo Electric Patio Heater

A great all-rounder, the versatile Ecostrad Thermaglo allows for freestanding installation as well as permanent fitting. It comes with everything you need for straightforward wall or ceiling mounting – excellent for sheltered outdoor spaces that require warmth all year round. You also have the option of purchasing a compatible stand, so you can move the heater from your patio area to your gazebo with minimal effort.

Ideal for use over longer periods of time, the Thermaglo is equipped with a cutting-edge carbon fibre heating element that produces comfortable yet durable warmth. Supplying a calming ruby glow, the Thermaglo keeps domestic and commercial settings snug with its comforting warmth and mellow lighting. Its handy timer function lets you schedule outdoor heating so warmth perfectly matches your routine. You can also select between 4 different power outputs, letting you easily achieve your ideal heat level to accommodate weather conditions. With a glossy black finish and teardrop shaped panes, the Thermaglo adds undeniable style to your space.

Ecostrad Apex

Infrared Patio Heater 

Perfect for:

Domestic & commercial settings
Hard-to-heat garden rooms

Top features:

Long-life carbon fibre bulb
Choice of manual or remote control
Ultra low-glare outdoor heating

£64.99 Inc. VAT

Ecostrad Apex Electric Patio Heater

The Ecostrad Apex electric patio heater is as affordable as it is versatile – suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. With the option of wall and ceiling mounting, the Apex is perfect for use as both an indoor and outdoor heater. Fit it in a hard-to-heat interior like a warehouse, or mount it in a sheltered outdoor area for convenient, all-day heating. With max temperatures reached within 10 seconds, you’re guaranteed responsive, on-demand heating for your space.

Fitted with a sophisticated carbon-filament bulb, the Apex gives off a soft low glare and mellow warmth, ideal for use over long periods. With the option of a manual version or remote control, the Apex adapts to your needs effortlessly. The basic model is perfect for occasional use or paired with an external controller, timer or dimmer. The remote-controlled model allows for simple on/off operation with a click of a button, so you can control your heater without getting out of your chair.

Herschel California

Infrared Patio Heater 

Perfect for:

Commercial spaces
Open-air dining areas & terraces

Top features:

2 heat levels & timer
10,000+ hours of use
Remote control included

£339.99 Inc. VAT

Herschel California Electric Patio Heater

The Herschel California is a potent heater wrapped in a discreet package. Its striking honeycomb grill houses a heater powerful enough to reach prime levels in under 10 seconds – for instant, long-lasting comfort. Specifically designed with commercial settings in mind, the California is best suited in sheltered outdoor and unenclosed indoor spaces, versatile enough for freestanding installation or mounted to the wall or ceiling.


Providing over 10,000 hours of use, the California’s low-glare carbon element delivers a mellow warmth and ruby glow – the perfect recipe for ambient all-day heating. Completely silent while in operation, the California can be controlled from afar using remote control. Select half or full power and set the 1-9 hour timer for ideal temperatures for guests no matter the season. With a discreet LED panel located on the side of the heater, current settings can be viewed with ease – and since the remote works with multiple heaters, you’re guaranteed full control with the mere click of a button.

Not sure which patio heater is right for you? Our Buying Guide has you covered.

The benefits of electric patio heaters

  • Adaptable installation - Wall, ceiling or freestanding installation means your patio heater will adapt to the needs of your outdoor space effortlessly.
  • 100% radiant warmth – Essential when dealing with the infiniteness of the outdoors, electric patio heaters supply their warmth solely through radiation. Radiant heat travels directionally to provide heat to people and objects without getting lost to air movement.
  • Weatherproof – Dust-tight and able to withstand low pressure jets of water, all electric patio heaters come weatherproof rated. Check the IP rating to determine a product’s level of protection.
  • Maintenance free – Without internal liquid, combustible elements or moving parts, electric patio heaters don’t require mandatory maintenance.
  • Energy efficient – Electric patio heaters allow you to enjoy your evenings for longer without emitting polluting gases like other outdoor heaters. In fact, pairing them with a renewable energy source or tariff means clean electricity year-round.
  • Don’t rely on fuel – Unlike fire pits or gas heaters, electric patio heaters don’t rely on sourcing or storing fuel, cutting costs and adding to their efficiency.

Keep your garden warm all year round

When it comes to keeping your domestic and commercial exteriors warm, you can’t go wrong with one of these premium electric patio heaters. With their vigorous radiant warmth, excellent controllability and stylish design options, it’s never been easier to choose a solution that best matches your space. So, start enjoying early evening gatherings in your garden or commercial exterior again and browse our extensive range today.

Key learnings

  • Stratus – a simple yet sophisticated heater with the choice of manual or remote control.
  • Ecostrad Sunglo – a budget-friendly heater with lightning-quick heat-up times, perfect for compact spaces.
  • Ecostrad Thermaglo – a stylish heater with remote control, for quick and easy management at the touch of a button. Set heat levels, timers and more.
  • Ecostrad Apex – an affordable heater with the choice of manual or remote control. Suitable for domestic and commercial spaces, this is one of our most versatile heaters.
  • Herschel California – specifically designed with commercial settings in mind, this stylish heater is suited for responsive, all-day heating in both outdoor and indoor applications.