Ceramic Radiators

Ceramic radiators are some of the most efficient electric heating solutions available and offer long-lasting warmth at affordable prices. Our electric ceramic radiators use a ceramic or clay stone core, offering two significant benefits: they retain warmth exceptionally well so you can keep rooms cosy using less energy, and they emit more radiant heat, which is great for hard-to-heat spaces that struggle to maintain ideal temperatures. We supply ceramic electric wall heaters with fluted bodies to maximise contact with the air, providing robust, responsive warmth. Integrating neatly into an existing heating system, browse our full range now to handpick a ceramic radiator that best suits your needs. 

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What is a ceramic wall heater?

Also known as dry stone radiators, German radiators or clay filled heaters, our electric ceramic radiators will bring energy-efficient heating into every home. These modern heating appliances use ceramic plates which stay hotter for longer and produce more radiant heat compared to a standard radiator. This makes them great for spaces that are normally tricky to heat, like conservatories or open-plan living areas because radiant heat isn’t lost to air movement. More heat stays in the room so you spend less money keeping your interiors warm and welcoming. Ceramic radiators can be wall mounted to keep your heating neatly tucked away and usually come with deep fins to increase contact with the air for quick heat diffusion. They have a classic design and integrate well amongst central heating radiators for an unbroken aesthetic throughout your home.