Replacing Storage Heaters

Looking to replace your outdated storage heaters?

Benefits of Electric Radiators

Join the thousands who have already made the change to energy efficient designer electric radiators. Ultra slim with state of the art temperature and energy management, our electric radiators offer a cost effective alternative to old fashioned storage heaters. Read on or watch the video to find out more.



Energy Efficient Heating

Energy Efficient Heating – fast and effective heat distribution whenever you need it.



Temperature Control

Temperature Control – precision thermostats accurately maintain temperatures.



 Sophisticated Energy Management

Sophisticated Energy Management – tailor your heating to your lifestyle with 24/7 programming.



Fully Controllable In Every Room

Fully Controllable In Every Room – save money by zoning your heating.



Stylish Contemporary Designs

Stylish Contemporary Designs – slimmer, lighter and less bulky than storage heaters.



No Economy 7 Tariff

No Economy 7 Tariff – use daytime electricity at standard lower rates.



Easy DIY Installation

Easy DIY Installation – no plumbing required, simply screw to the wall and plug in.



Gentle On Allergies

Gentle On Allergies – radiated as well as convected heat.



No Wall Blackening

No Wall Blackening – fully enclosed heating elements will not burn dust.



Lower Running Costs

Lower Running Costs – provided by intelligent, energy efficient heating.



Mix and match our electric radiators according to your room sizes. All our radiators are simple to install with very basic DIY knowledge: they simply screw to the wall and plug into a normal 13amp socket. You can then enjoy precise and energy efficient heating room by room, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a collection of electric radiators in all styles suitable for installation in domestic and commercial properties, and a range of high-spec panel heaters for those rooms you use less often, you're spoilt for your choice at Electric Radiators Direct. Order 100% securely online today. Alternatively, if you would like more information about storage heater alternatives, give one of our heating specialists a call today on 0330 300 4444. They'll be delighted to give you all the information you need and a free quote.