Rooms with High Ceilings

Our range of electric radiators for large rooms and rooms with high ceilings are designed to heat these difficult spaces as efficiently as possible, with powerful heat retentive elements and precision heating controls. Our Haverland Inerzia Electric Radiators use lightweight ceramic stones to heat up fast and push heat out into the further corners of high ceilinged rooms. A high precision thermostat and a programmable timer maintain your comfort temperatures without wasting energy. An excellent heating solution for open plan offices, churches, community halls, Victorian terraces and stairwells. ... read more

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What makes an electric radiator good for large rooms?

Rooms with high ceilings often have unique heating needs, requiring a heat source with a robust output to cope with the increased amount of space and air volume. Electric radiators make outstanding solutions for these spaces because they are available in high-heat retention options which stay warmer for longer. These models offer an even mix of convection and radiant heat so less warmth is lost to the ceiling and more is retained at floor level. Electric radiators also offer a greater amount of control with integrated programmers and thermostats so you can enjoy effortless precision heat management.

The benefits of electric radiators for rooms with high ceilings

  • Powerful, Effective Heat

    Our ceramic stone radiators emit radiant heat with greater strength, providing effective heating even for large rooms.

  • Exceptional Thermal Retention

    Ceramic stone electric radiators stay warmer for longer, ensuring large rooms are kept warm whilst using the least amount of energy.

  • Easy DIY Installation

    Look for the ‘Plug & Go’ icon to find electric radiators that can be quickly and easily installed DIY with no professional callouts needed.

  • Heating that Fits Your Lifestyle

    All of the electric radiators in our range offer full daily and weekly programming, hour by hour, so you can create a heating schedule tailored to your routine.

  • Precision Temperature Management

    The electric radiators in our range come with thermostats accurate to within a fraction of a degree to ensure your rooms are kept at the exact right heat level.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    Browse our electric radiators for Lot 20 compliant and eco-friendly heating that meets the very latest EU energy-efficiency standards.

Which electric radiators are best for high-ceilinged rooms?

Ceramic stone radiators are excellent solutions for high-ceilinged rooms because of the way their heating elements work. It’s all down to the superior thermal properties of ceramic, which is superb at conducting and retaining heat. In practical terms, this means that ceramic stone electric radiators emit more radiant heat and stay warmer for longer, both of which are essential to keep hard-to-heat rooms comfortable. Radiant heat doesn’t rely on heating the air; it instead moves through the air until it contacts a solid object. This means less of the heat created by a ceramic radiator is lost to the ceiling and living levels are kept cosy and warm so you can benefit directly from the type of warmth they produce. Our Technotherm KS electric radiators are excellent for high-ceilinged rooms, offering a wide range of sizes to suit every space, as well as DIY installation. Choose the Technotherm KS TDI for in-depth weekly programming and a range of energy-saving features, or opt for the more advanced KS DSM which can also be controlled via WiFi using its compatible hub accessory.

Why is it so hard to keep my high-ceilinged property warm?

High-ceilinged rooms are notoriously tricky to keep warm but why is this the case? Much of it is to do with the type of heat created by most home heating systems. Storage heaters, panel heaters, and many other systems use convection to create heat, which involves heating and circulating warm air. The problem with convection is that warm air rises, so if you use a convection-based heater, much of the heat created will become trapped towards the top of the room, leaving the floor much colder. The age and insulation level of the property in question can also have a large effect on how difficult high-ceilinged rooms are to heat. Period properties like Victorian terraces and church conversions will often have single glazing and solid walls making them overall less thermally retentive. As more heat is lost from older properties, this makes it all the more important to find an efficient and effective heating system.

Energy-efficient features

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    Our electric radiators come with adaptive start, which works out the optimum time to start pre-heating your rooms so they’re exactly the right temperature using minimal energy.

  • Open Window Detection

    Many of our electric radiators come with open window detection which stops your heaters wasting energy in the event a door or window causes your room to lose heat too quickly.

  • WiFi Distance Control

    We offer WiFi controllable electric radiators that allow you to manage your home heating from a smartphone or tablet, wherever you are in the world.