Infrared Heaters

Infrared heating works as the waves radiated from the heat source travel unimpeded to surfaces, objects and people, producing a natural warmth that feels much like the sun on a warm day. This direct method of heating is exceptionally efficient as almost 100% of all energy used is converted into heat. Our carefully selected range of infrared heaters are suitable for a variety of applications – whether it’s a low glare quartz heater used to warm a patio on a cool summer evening, or an industrial no-glare heater required to heat a draughty warehouse. If you prefer a more discreet heating solution, an infrared panel heater can be wall-mounted to blend into a contemporary décor, and you can even choose a mirrored panel which combines two essential room features into one. So, to handpick an infrared heater that best suits your preferences, browse our full range now.

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What are infrared heaters?

Infrared heaters are a modern way of heating a space. They transfer electricity into waves of heat, which are then radiated out into a space and easily absorbed by surrounding objects, like people, pets, walls and any furniture. Infrared does not rely on heating air volume, as convection does, and so is an excellent option for any space but especially for those areas more exposed to cold air, be it a draughty hallway with a high ceiling or an outdoor terrace exposed to the elements.

The benefits of infrared heaters

  • Space-saving Design

    Slimline and contemporary, infrared heaters suit a range of interiors without eating into your space.

  • Zero Maintenance

    Infrared heaters are designed to need zero upkeep, saving a considerable amount on maintenance checks common with other heating solutions.

  • Plug & Go

    Unless being fitted in a bathroom, most of our infrared heaters are DIY-friendly, for the simplest of installations.

  • Enduring & Efficient Heat

    Supplying lasting, radiant warmth, these heaters heat people and surfaces directly without getting lost to air movement.

  • Intuitive Control

    Many of our infrared heaters come with WiFi app control, which allows for full distance heating management through your smartphone.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    Our infrared heaters are designed for minimal energy usage and fully meet EU Lot 20 efficiency standards so you can install with total confidence.

Is infrared heating strong enough to heat my entire property?

Infrared heating is a highly efficient and effective form of heating, and can be used to heat an entire home or commercial space all year round. Though infrared heaters are often designed with an inconspicuous, discreet aesthetic, there’s more than meets the eye with these innovative units. Infrared provides a deeper level of more enduring warmth that evenly spreads throughout a space, even heating the bricks of your property. This heat is then reradiated out back into your room, for a total 360ᵒ distribution. As infrared heat is absorbed into stable objects, it will not get lost to windows or doors, keeping spaces warm even if your property is draughty.

Are infrared heaters expensive to run?

Infrared heating is on the cutting-edge of future home heating, so it’s reasonable to presume it comes with a hefty price tag. Infrared heaters are in fact very cost effective, as their long-lasting heat is locked into objects, not the air, sinking deep into the fabric of your property. This heat sticks around long after the appliance has been switched off, quickly starting to trim your energy bills without leaving you cold. Pairing your infrared heater with a digital thermostat for precision energy management is another highly economical option. With functions such as a custom weekly schedule, you can match your heating to your routine, meaning you’ll only ever use the energy you need, and not waste it heating rooms that aren’t in use.