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Caravan Heaters

It can be hard to keep your caravan warm but not to worry because we have an entire range of electric heaters that will help you get the job done. We’ve got portable, freestanding heaters which are great it you only use your caravan as a holiday home for part of the year. For permanent fitting, we also have a range of wall-mounted heaters that can be easily DIY installed. Our caravan heaters provide comfortable, long-lasting and reliable warmth for every month of the year and even come with full programming capabilities for the utmost convenience.

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What are caravan heaters?

Our versatile range of caravan heaters ensure that your favourite portable holiday home is kept warm and toasty, all year round. We understand that caravans can be victim to the cold more than, say, a log cabin, but our heaters are guaranteed to combat the chill by providing comfortable warmth that lasts. 24/7 programming, precise digital thermostats and WiFi control are just some of the features our caravan heaters have to offer, prioritising convenience, efficiency and flexible heat management. Available in a range of designs and finishes, you can even choose one that best suits your décor, so you can take your interior design scheme to a whole new level.

The benefits of caravan electric heaters

  • App Control

    Bluetooth or WiFi control let you conveniently control your caravan heating via an app on your smartphone, for convenient heat management.

  • Portable Heating

    Available with compatible feet, many of these appliances can be used as a portable heating solution, for full flexibility.

    Easy DIY Installation

    Many of our caravan heaters come with all the relevant fixtures and fittings that make installation a quick and easy DIY task.

    100% Efficient

    Electric heaters offer superior efficiency at point of use, converting every watt of energy taken from the wall into usable heat, so nothing is wasted.

    Precise Temperature Control

    Our caravan heaters feature precise digital thermostats that accurately monitor and adjust room temperature, ensuring your caravan never over or under heats.

  • 24/7 Programming

    Program warmth on an hourly basis via an app on your smartphone or simple push-button adjustment, for ultimate control over your heating.