Ecostrad iQ Plus Electric Panel Heater

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The Ecostrad iQ Plus is smart heating for the smart home, combining slimline, modern aesthetics with sophisticated WiFi app control. Sleek, lightweight and elegant, the iQ Plus electric panel heater is on-demand, comfort heating reimagined. Available with a range of energy-saving management features including a low surface temperature setting, the iQ Plus is a versatile essential heating solution for a range of spaces.

Please note: this heater is not suitable for bathroom installation.

Options & Sizes

Model: IQ-P5
Wattage: 500W
Heats up to: 5m²
467mm x 500mm x 52mm
£199.99 inc VAT
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Model: iQ-P10
Wattage: 1000W
Heats up to: 10m²
629mm x 500mm x 52mm
£249.99 inc VAT
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Model: IQ-P15
Wattage: 1500W
Heats up to: 15m²
955mm x 500mm x 52mm
£299.99 inc VAT
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Model: IQ-P20
Wattage: 2000W
Heats up to: 20m²
1118mm x 500mm x 52mm
£339.99 inc VAT
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Model: iQ-P25
Wattage: 2500W
Heats up to: 25m²
1280mm x 500mm x 52mm
£389.99 inc VAT
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Rapid Heating
Rapid Heating
Quickly warms up a room
WiFi App Control
WiFi App Control
Manage your heat your way
DIY Installation
DIY Installation
Easy plug & go fitting
Portable Solution
Portable Solution
Optional feet included
Slimline Design
Slimline Design
Ultra-slim depth
10 Year Warranty*
10 Year Warranty*
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The Ecostrad iQ Plus Electric Panel Heater offers a modern take on portable heating, combining a sophisticated aesthetic, slimline body and innovative WiFi control. With a depth of just 52mm, it’s one of the slimmest electric heaters on the market, making it the perfect space-saving choice for heating your home.

Smart Heating Control

WiFi control ready, the Ecostrad iQ Plus can be programmed through your smartphone or tablet, for convenient control at your fingertips. Simply download the Tuya or SmartLife app, pair it to your heater through a Bluetooth connection and reap the benefits of on-the-move heat management.

Use the app to control multiple iQ Plus heaters in your system with minimal effort and access more advanced features such as hands-free voice control, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Set a weekly heating schedule with the app’s 24/7 programming function and select between Comfort, Eco and Anti-frost mode to suit your needs perfectly. The app even comes with an adjustable Boost mode that heats up to 30 °C, enabling easy, short-term heating for a quick burst of warmth whenever you need it.

Open window detection engages if the heater senses a sudden drop in temperature of 2 °C or more, across 5 minutes. The heater will then switch to anti-frost mode to save energy and avoid wasting heat. There’s also an optional Low Surface Temperature setting which reduces the heat cut-off threshold, supplying cooler and safer surface temperatures – ideal for NHS buildings or homes with young children.

Intuitive Control Panel

The Ecostrad iQ Plus has its own discreetly recessed control panel, which can be used to program the heater directly when you’re not using WiFi. Having the control panel neatly built into the top of the heater with 4 touch sensitive buttons, gives it a clean, unbroken aesthetic from all sides. Even the iQ Plus’ elegantly curved panels are designed with a purpose. Keeping harsh edges to a minimum, it provides a more child-friendly heating solution without sacrificing its streamlined look.

Efficient Heating Technology

A feature that sets the iQ Plus apart from most panel heaters is its all-aluminium body which makes it exceptionally lightweight and easy to move from room to room. Its aluminium frame and aluminium X bar element, enable a quicker heat transfer compared to traditional steel heaters, rapidly and efficiently emitting warmth into the room. From the moment you begin using the iQ Plus, it swiftly heats the surrounding air to create convected warmth you can feel in minutes. Every iQ Plus electric panel heater comes with a built-in thermal limiter for extra safety, which will cut power to the heater in the event its internal temperature exceeds 70 °C.


Feet and wall brackets are included with each heater for versatile installation. If you’re confident in your DIY skills, the iQ Plus can be wall mounted in minutes, then simply plugged into the nearest 3-pin socket so you can enjoy reliable on-demand heating in no time at all.