Calculate Your Wattage
Use our calculator to find your wattage requirements in 3 simple steps.
Why Electric Heating?
Unsure on electric heating or need help choosing?
Calculate Your Wattage
Use our calculator to find your wattage requirements in 3 simple steps.
Why Electric Heating?
Unsure on electric heating or need help choosing?

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Electric Radiators Direct

Welcome to Electric Radiators Direct, suppliers of energy efficient electric radiators and towel rails. We champion electric heating as the heating solution of the future because it is carbon free, ideal for use with sustainable energy and perfectly adapted to take advantage of SMART electronic technology. Once upon a time, electric heating was limited to rudimentary storage heaters designed to save money by heating up overnight using cheap rate electricity and releasing heat during the day. Inefficient, bulky, and difficult to control, storage heaters are rarely popular in homes today. However, not all homeowners realise that electric heating has evolved in recent decades, and now electric radiators offer an easy-install, maintenance free heating option with running costs to rival gas central heating.

Electric radiators are a fantastic forward-looking heating solution because they run equally well whether your electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels or by harnessing sustainable resources. As fossil fuels become scarcer and renewable energy increasingly dominates the energy sector, electric radiators provide an adaptable heating option than keeps up with the changing times.

The company was founded in 2013 to meet the rising demand for energy efficient electric radiators at affordable prices. Since then we have been committed to making comfortable heating with a low carbon footprint an affordable option for all households and businesses, whatever the budget.

When you shop at Electric Radiators Direct you will find a comprehensive range of products with something for every property, design scheme and budget. Our website is packed full of useful information, and, if you’re still unsure, our friendly team of heating advisors are only a phone call away. At Electric Radiators Direct we’re proud to offer exceptional customer service with an award-winning team here to help you before, during and after your purchase. We also offer free next day delivery on most items and a 30 day money back guarantee and best price promise on all our products.

Sounds good? Then come and join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already installed electric radiators in homes and businesses across the country!

Customer Questions

Customer Questions

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  1. How do I choose the size of my radiator?

    1. We’ve made choosing the size of your radiators easy with our interactive radiator calculator.

      All you have to do is enter the size of the room, answer a few questions about the room’s orientation and its insulation, and the calculator will work out the total wattage required to heat the room.

      Choosing your radiators is then a simple matter of selecting a radiator, or combination of radiators, which adds up to or exceeds the required wattage.

  2. Are electric radiators expensive to run?

    1. Whilst gas is currently available at cheaper rates than electricity, electric radiators can still work out cheaper to run than gas central heating or storage heaters because they are extremely energy efficient and offer precision heating control:

      Control the heating in each room of your house separately
      Highly accurate thermostats on each radiator
      In-depth digital programming
      Fast-acting electric heating elements
      No heat loss from boiler or pipes
      100% efficient – all electricity used is turned into heat
      Cheap, non-invasive DIY installation
      No maintenance required

      The high precision electronics and individual controls unique to electric radiators allow them to compensate for the higher price of electricity, and often they will cost less to run. For more information, see our full electric radiator buying guide.

  3. How do you install electric radiators?

    1. All of our electric radiators are suitable for DIY installation: they simply screw to the wall and plug into a normal 13amp socket. We provide a fitting template and all the necessary fixtures – it couldn’t be easier.

      If you prefer a more discreet fitting, or you’re fitting a radiator in the bathroom, the heaters can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified electrician. This is cheaper, faster and much less invasive than the extensive plumbing work required to fit central heating.

      The ease and economy of installing electric radiators and towel rails make them a great retro-fitting choice for period properties and family homes.

  4. Are electric radiators better than gas central heating?

    1. Gas central heating is one of the most popular heating systems in the country, used in the majority of homes across the UK. However, in the last few decades electric heating technology has developed at such a rate that energy efficient electric radiators now offer an economical alternative. Here are a few advantages electric radiators offer over gas central heating:

      No heat loss through boiler and pipes
      Don’t need to switch on the whole system to heat a single room
      100% efficient – all electricity used is turned into heat
      Highly accurate individual thermostats
      No unrepresentative central thermostat
      Control each room separately
      In-depth digital programming for each radiator
      Cheap, non-invasive DIY installation
      No maintenance or plumbing work required
      Safer – no fuel burnt in your home

      For more information, see our full electric radiator buying guide.

  5. What’s the difference between electric radiators and panel heaters?

    1. Panel heaters are low cost home heaters which heat purely by convection. Panel heaters heat rooms by warming the air with hot elements in the panel body. Because these elements are unenclosed, the heaters are cheaper and easier to manufacture than electric radiators. Whilst panel heaters can be a fast and effective source of heat, they also come with four significant disadvantages which you should consider before choosing this cheaper option:

      Convection is less efficient than radiation, so panel heaters cost more to run than electric radiators
      The unenclosed elements used in panel heaters can cause wall blackening if used constantly
      More convected heat means more circulating dust particles – which can agitate allergies
      Panel heaters are less durable than electric radiators

      We only recommend using panel heaters as top-up heaters or as a low cost heating option in rooms you use infrequently; a good option for studies, conservatories and spare bedrooms. For more information, see our full electric radiator buying guide.

  6. Are electric radiators safe?

    1. Electric radiators offer a very safe and reliable heating solution.

      With no boiler or any other internal combustion element there’s absolutely no risk of carbon monoxide production, so your electric heating system won’t need a regular service. With no pipes or water in your radiators there’s no risk of leaks and you’ll never have to bleed a radiator again.

      All our electric radiators conform to the electrical safety regulations set by the European Council. Check individual products for details. They are also fitted with thermal safety limiters which prevent overheating by cutting power to the radiator if the temperature rises above the set limit.

  7. Can electric radiators replace storage heaters?

    1. Absolutely. If you are struggling to heat your home with old-fashioned storage heaters, electric radiators provide the perfect alternative. Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy by switching to electric radiators:

      Fully controllable heating which does not need charging up in advance
      Heat is released when and only when you need it – no more cold evenings or wasted energy
      Highly accurate thermostats on each radiator
      Fully customisable digital programming
      Radiators run on a standard electricity tariff, making it cheaper to run other appliances during the day
      Radiators use much less power than storage heaters, so they will usually be cheaper to run
      No wall blackening effect
      No overnight heat leak from charging heaters – much better for bedrooms
      Ultra slim radiators with stylish contemporary designs
      Gentler on allergies
      Easy DIY installation
      For more information, see our full electric radiator buying guide.

  8. Are electric radiators eco-friendly?

    1. Electric radiators are carbon neutral at point of use. This means that they do not produce carbon dioxide or other pollutants. When used with green electricity generated from sustainable energy sources, they offer one of the few entirely carbon free heating systems on the planet.

      Of course, if you’re using mains electricity to power your radiators you may well be using electricity generated by fossil fuel burning power stations. If this is the case, any form of electric heating that you use cannot truly be classed as carbon-free.

      However, as the energy sector makes further shifts towards renewable energy we may well reach the point where all electricity supplied through the mains will be carbon free – and at that point electric radiators will offer a truly eco-friendly heating option. For more information, see our full electric radiator buying guide.

  9. Why buy from Electric Radiators Direct?

    1. Here at Electric Radiators Direct, we’re proud to be the UK’s number one supplier of electric radiators. Our extensive product range includes radiators of all sizes for every room in the house, whether you live in a rambling country cottage or a two-bed flat in the city. It’s our philosophy that energy efficient heating should be accessible to everyone, so all our products represent the top quality on the market, and are competitively priced with something to suit every budget. Here are just some of the benefits we’re proud to offer at Electric Radiators Direct:

      Top-quality electric radiators sourced from around the world
      Radiators of all shapes and sizes, with something for every location and every budget
      Free next working day delivery
      30 day no-quibble money back guarantee
      Expert heating advisors only a phone call away
      Sole UK distributer of the Haverland RC Wave electric radiator range
      100% secure site
      Informative site with buying guides, radiator calculator, full product specs and extensive FAQs
      First class customer service
      Awarded 'Gold Trusted Merchant' status by Feefo

      For more information, see our full electric radiator buying guide.

  10. I need some help before I make my purchase. When are your advisors available?

    1. Whether you need help choosing the right size radiators for your room, would like some advice about the best heating solution for your property, or just want to find out more about a particular product, our friendly sales team are always happy to help. The team are available 08:00am – 06:00pm Monday to Thursday and from 09:00am – 05:00pm on Fridays. Give us a call on 0330 300 4444 and you can expect a quick response, expert advice and friendly, common-sense service – there’s no “hard-sell” at Electric Radiators Direct, we believe our products speak for themselves. Calls are charged at your standard local call rate.

      Alternatively, if you prefer, our team are also available throughout the working day on our LiveChat instant messaging service.