Electric Radiator Accessories

Install, control and use your electric radiators exactly the way you want with our comprehensive range of electric radiator accessories. In our smart heating collection you’ll find central programmers for traditional style heating, wifi heating hubs to control your heating over the internet, remote controls for easy radiator programming, and easy-attach feet and casters for freestanding electric radiators. Whilst we strive to offer an electric radiator for every eventuality, our range of electric radiator accessories gives you the option to personalise your radiators so that they meet your every need. ... read more
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What are electric radiator accessories?

Our extensive range of accessories lets you customise your electric radiator to ensure you’re getting the most out of your heating. From smart to thermostatic, accessories provide different control options, such as WiFi heating hubs that let you manage warmth over the internet, all from an app on your smartphone. Additional thermostats can also be paired with your heater, allowing for accurate temperature regulation that helps maintain comfort levels whilst preventing over or underheating. Besides control, accessories also allow for flexible installation, with feet and casters enabling freestanding fitting – ideal for those seeking portability.


Do I need accessories for my electric radiator

Electric radiator accessories are useful for a number of reasons. To ensure your heating system is optimised, let’s take a look at why you might need them.

Freestanding Fitting

If you want to transform your heater into a portable solution, you can purchase a pair of compatible feet that clip onto the base of your radiator. Requiring zero DIY knowledge or experience, this accessory is straightforward and easy to install. Once the feet are attached, you have the flexibility to move your radiator around your property – perfect for those seeking a handy alternative to wall-mounting.

Remote Controllers

Adjust your heating from the palm of your hand with one of our additional remote controllers. Eliminating the need for manual adjustment, simply use the remote control to turn your electric radiator on/off and change temperatures with a few simple taps of the remote. Some of these controllers even come with a wall-mounted holder, so you don’t need to worry about misplacing it. Remote controls are ideal if you want maximum accessibility, offering a simple and flexible way to adjust your heaters.

Bluetooth Heat Management

Certain heating elements enable Bluetooth connectivity which lets you control warmth via an app on your smartphone. Rather than having to manually adjust your heater, you can navigate your system using the app, from anywhere in your home. Create custom heat schedules for each individual heater and view energy-usage statistics to closely monitor running costs, all from a few taps of your phone screen, for ultimate convenient control. So, if you’re looking for a smart alternative to traditional heat management, a heating element that offers Bluetooth control is the accessory for you.

WiFi Connectivity

Many of our electric radiators are compatible with a WiFi heating hub which lets you manage your warmth over the internet. For smart heating, all you have to do is plug the hub into your home router and follow the easy installation instructions. You then have the option to control your heating system via an app on your smartphone, from anywhere in the world. You’ll gain access to a range of energy-saving functions as well being able to manage your heating on-the-go. This is best suited to those with busy lifestyles who want constant access to their heating system, even when they’re away from home.