Traditional Electric Radiators

Traditional style electric radiators allow you to enjoy the energy saving benefits of 21st century electric heating technology whilst maintaining 20th century aesthetics in retro and period properties. Our Ecostrad Ecowärme and Technotherm KS electric radiators use efficient electric heating elements concealed inside traditionally-styled fluted steel bodies to distribute heat through a mixture of radiation and convection. Smart digital controls help you easily manage your energy usage, whilst a range of sizes and designs, including vertical electric radiators, makes it easy to find an ideal heating solution for every room in your house. So, browse our full range now to choose a traditional electric radiator that best suits your property.

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What are traditional electric radiators?

Traditional electric radiators combine the functional design of conventional central heating radiators with the advanced control and efficiency of electric radiators. The resulting product is controllable, energy-efficient, and able to seamlessly integrate into any design scheme - offering a classic accent that looks the part alongside wet or electric heating systems. Whether you’re looking to extend your home and require something that matches your existing system, or you want to add a dash of nostalgic charm to your room, look no further than our range of traditional electric radiators.

The benefits of traditional electric radiators

  • Classic Appeal

    Boasting elegantly fluted frames and a stately appearance, traditional electric radiators offer a low-key aesthetic that suits spaces old and new.

  • Advanced Control

    The ‘traditional’ element of these electric radiators stops at their appearance - they offer the same advanced features as modern electric radiators, providing detailed programming & energy-saving features as standard.

  • High-Quality Design

    Typically constructed from steel, traditional electric radiators & towel rails offer a robust heating solution that’s durable and long-lasting.

  • Ideal for Period Properties

    Traditional style electric radiators are perfectly suited to properties with classical décor; offering an energy-efficient, contemporary heating solution disguised as conventional central heating.

  • Smart Control Available

    Some of our traditional electric radiators can be controlled via WiFi using a compatible heating app and smart device - providing intuitive temperature management on the move.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All our traditional electric radiators are Lot 20 compliant, offering an eco-conscious heating system that’s optimised for the demands of 21st century living.

Ageless design with state-of-the-art technology

Traditional electric radiators offer an understated aesthetic that’s perfect for classically styled homes. Whether you’re looking to add additional heaters into an existing central heating system, fancy creating the perfect period property, or simply require an energy-efficient upgrade, our range of traditional electric radiators offers something for everyone. Underneath their conventional frames and pleated bodies, traditional electric radiators are made with the same high-quality components and cutting-edge technology as our contemporary electric radiators - offering detailed digital programming, energy-saving features, and effortlessly controllable heating as standard. Our most affordable traditional electric radiator, the Ecostrad Ecowärme, comes with open-window detection and adaptive start - making it the ideal choice for cost-effective home heating in style-conscious spaces. Whereas the Technotherm KS DSM, our most advanced traditional electric radiator, supports WiFi and Alexa voice control, comes with an innovative geolocation feature that turns your heating on and off depending on your proximity, and offers access to your energy-use statistics via the Technotherm heating app. Intelligent, controllable, and energy-efficient, traditional electric radiators offer more than just nostalgic appearances - providing a comprehensive heating system that’s designed for the demands of 21st century living.

Long-lasting, energy-efficient heat

The majority of our traditional electric radiators use heat retentive ceramic stones within their housings to provide enduring, energy-efficient warmth. Once warm, these ceramic tablets radiate heat into the room and maintain temperatures long after the heaters have stopped drawing power. This provides an energy-efficient means of keeping warm that’s perfect for high-ceiling rooms and tricky to heat spaces in older properties.

How do traditional electric radiators compare?

While all our traditional electric radiators offer the same timeless aesthetic, there are subtle differences in their individual level of control, design, and in the features they possess. The table below highlights the differences between our bestselling traditional electric radiators, so you can tell at a glance which system is right for you.

Our Bestselling Traditional Electric Radiators
Ecostrad Ecowärme Technotherm KS TDI Technotherm KS DSM
Heat Retention Good Outstanding Outstanding
24/7 Digital Programming Yes Yes Yes
Open Window Detection Yes Yes Yes
Adaptive Start Yes Yes Yes
Vertical Versions Yes Yes Yes
Anthracite Versions Yes No No
WiFi Control No No Yes (with hub)
Voice Control Control No No Yes (with hub)
Geolocation No No Yes (with hub)