Moda Smart Electric Panel Heaters: Everything you need to know

Last updated: May 2023

Sleek, discreet and efficient, Moda’s range of smart electric panel heaters are the ideal fast-acting heating solution for the modern home. Superbly manufactured and boasting a wealth of energy-saving features, Moda electric heaters are both Lot 20 compliant and primed to keep running costs to a minimum. Use smart control or navigate a seamless touchscreen interface to make by-the-minute adjustments, from 24/7 programming to the 24-hour countdown timer. So, if you’re looking for responsive, on-demand warmth for those hard-to-heat areas of your home, Moda electric heaters are the answer – read on for absolutely everything you need to know.

Subtle & sleek design

Lightweight and slimline, Moda electric heaters provide robust warmth housed in a discreet package. Their elegant builds employ a soft, minimalist aesthetic to blend seamlessly with existing design schemes and deliver warmth to rooms without distraction. The touchscreen control panel located on the top right corner can be dimmed when not in use, to create a completely uniform look.

Moda Opal

With a completely smooth façade, subtle indents on the unit create a gentle curved effect to complement the Moda Opal’s elegant design. Available in arctic white, its durable steel front is both sleek and robust, perfectly combining style as well as function.

Moda Onyx

Its smooth glass front is embellished with four raised nodes on each corner, creating a delicate frame effect. Choose between a crisp white finish for absolute subtlety or a sleek black colourway for more of a statement piece; with a depth of just 70mm the Onyx is incredibly slimline, able to conceal the heater body from most angles for that ultimate modern finish.

Moda electric panel heaters are designed with elegant subtlety. Their smooth, minimalist builds integrate seamlessly with any design scheme, with a dimmable control panel allowing for complete discreetness.

DIY-friendly installation

With all mounting extras included in your purchase, installation is quick, flexible, and can be done straight out of the box – no extras or costly callouts required. As panel heaters are meant to be used as an additional heat source, they don’t require hardwiring to the mains by an electrician. It really is just a case of plugging the Moda heater into a three-pin socket – ready to go immediately.


Using the screws and wall brackets provided, mounting the Moda heater to the wall only takes a few minutes and requires only the most rudimentary DIY-know how – just make sure you have a drill, tape measure and pencil on hand. Wall mounting is a great option if you have a particularly draughty space that struggles to maintain comfort levels.


With a set of feet included with every purchase, making your Moda heater freestanding couldn’t be simpler: just slot them into place at the base of the unit using the screws provided and you’re good to go! Whether you need a top-up in your spare room, your hard-to-heat conservatory, or simply by your feet during a chilly winter’s morning, freestanding means you can place your heater wherever it’s needed most.

Minimal maintenance

With your Moda heater up and running smoothly, maintaining it is just as easy. A regular clean to remove dust or fluff build-up is all the upkeep it needs to prevent overheating and ensure a long-lasting product. Making sure the unit is unplugged and completely cooled, clean the outside of the unit with a damp cloth, vacuum the vents and grille and place the heater back in its original packaging during long periods of inactivity.

Moda heaters are primed for fuss-free DIY installation. Mount to the wall or use the attachable feet to make the unit freestanding – Moda heaters are to be used as a supplementary heat source only so there’s no hardwiring necessary. Simply plug in and go!

Reliable & responsive warmth

Using 100% convection, Moda heaters are fitted with a powerful aluminium X-bar element that results in incredibly responsive warmth within minutes of switch-on. The element heats the air that passes through the heater and releases it back into the room, creating a toasty current that circulates the entire space. Once the air begins to cool it passes through the heater again to repeat the convection process. With Moda heaters, warmth is delivered quickly and maintained for as long as you need.

Ideal for supplementary heating

As convection works so quickly, Moda heaters are best suited in spaces that struggle to maintain comfort levels: think your rarely used spare bedroom, your draughty garage workstation, or your hard-to-heat conservatory. At 2000w, Moda heaters are capable of heating areas up to a whopping 20m², making them ideal for open plan spaces too – with flexible installation, they can be placed wherever heat is needed most.

The ultimate top-up heater: Moda heaters are designed to complement your home’s primary heat source and bring responsive warmth to those hard-to-heat areas. Using 100% convection, a powerful aluminium bar element releases warm air throughout the room, resulting in ideal temperatures within minutes.

Innovative touchscreen & WiFi control

Control your heating your way. If you’re looking for a superior heat management system, Moda panel heaters give you the option between manual, app and voice control.

Integrated control panel

Fitted on the top right-hand corner, the Opal and Onyx’s circular touchscreen display allows for effortless manual control:

  • Dimmable display – adjustable when not in use for total discreetness.
  • Touchscreen control – no protruding buttons to interrupt the heaters’ seamless design.
  • User-friendly interface – clear icons and large numbers for complete convenience.
  • Instant adjustments – a wealth of features that can be accessed and customised with a few simple taps.

WiFi App control

Compatible with the Tuya and Smart Life app, access your Moda heaters from the convenience of your smartphone any time, any place. Adjust schedules with a simple drag and drop and boost temperatures with just a tap: WiFi app control is the solution to busy lifestyles, keeping up with you when you’re on the go.

Check out our video on how to download and set up Smart Life.

Please note that this is a third-party app and is subject to changes.

Voice control

With voice control, interacting with your Moda smart heater couldn’t be easier. With a simple command, you can enjoy ultimate control without getting out of your chair or even lifting a finger. Use your Amazon Alexa or Google Home app to connect your heater within seconds and enjoy next generation control:

  • “Alexa, set Opal to 21 degrees.”
  • “Hey Google, raise Onyx by 2 degrees.”
  • “Alexa, turn off Opal.”

It's as easy as that. You can even change the name of your Moda heater to whatever suits you, allowing you to have the final say over your heating.

Enjoy effortless manual programming via the integrated touchscreen control panel. For ultimate convenience, Moda heaters come WiFi ready with app and voice control, allowing you to make instant adjustments when you’re on the go.

Energy-saving programming

In compliance with Lot 20 efficiency requirements, Moda smart heaters are built to contain a myriad of energy-saving features to keep efficiency up and running costs down. Fitted with precision thermostats, Moda heaters measure room levels as accurately as ±1°C to ensure steady temperatures without fluctuation. You’ll also find some extra handy features that ensure the programming of your panel heater remains consistent, maintaining a highly reliable yet low effort product:

24/7 programming

Set bespoke schedules, apply temperature boosts and enable energy-saving heating modes to match your routine to a tee.

Economy & Comfort modes

Switch between these settings to have the heater running on a constant, low temperature, keeping energy wastage to an absolute minimum.

Anti-Frost mode

This sets the heater to come on when temperatures drop low in rooms that are empty for long periods, keeping it warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing.

24-hour timer function

The heater will run for the set period and then switch to standby mode – ideal for set-and-forget heating.

Child lock

We all know kids like to push buttons literally and figuratively; Moda heaters have a solution for the former with an in-built child lock. When this is activated, the panel’s display is dimmed and all keys are locked, so there’s no chance of its programming being altered.

Memory function

In the event of a power cut or disconnection, temperature settings will be remembered, and the heater will restart on the mode it was previously running on.

Moda heaters are built to include a wealth of features to save energy and slim down running costs. Set bespoke weekly schedules, use the countdown timer or switch to a low-energy heating mode. Moda heaters go above and beyond the requirements set out by Lot 20, giving you the most efficient product possible.

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Top-up temperatures in style with the Moda Onyx and Moda Opal smart electric panel heaters. Efficient, flexible, and primed for modern living, enjoy a premium heater that doesn’t break the bank with our smart Moda range. If you have questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts, and if you’d like to see our other electric panel heaters on offer, check out our full range here. Whatever your preference or budget, we’ve got an electric heating solution for you.

Key learnings

  • Subtle, sleek and slimline builds make Moda heaters a discreet heating option, integrating seamlessly with existing design schemes.
  • Suitable for DIY installation, mount on the wall or make your heater freestanding using the feet provided.
  • Using 100% convection, Moda heaters deliver reliable and responsive warmth, designed as a supplementary heater when temperatures need topping up.
  • Use the control panel for seamless manual programming or connect to your home’s WiFi via app or voice control. Access a wealth of energy-saving features including 24/7 programming, a 24-hour timer and three heating modes.