Radiators With Precision Thermostats

Making your home heating more efficient is all about using less energy to achieve the same comfort temperatures. Choosing an electric radiator with thermostat control is an easy step to take to ensure you’re only using the minimum necessary to keep your home as warm as you need. Precision thermostats carefully monitor the temperature in your room. When the temperature rises above your specified level, it will cut power to the radiator to save you energy and money. When the temperature drops below the chosen level, the thermostat will switch the radiator back on to top up the heat. ... read more

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Why are thermostats important for electric radiators?

Thermostats sense the atmospheric temperature of your home and make adjustments to your heating system accordingly, warming if the temperature is too low, or switching your heating off if it’s too warm. They’re an essential part of any heating system because they make sure that your home is always at the right temperature to ensure your comfort. The more accurate your thermostat, the more efficient your system will be, so it’s important to choose heaters with precision thermostats to make sure your home heating runs optimally. If your thermostat is inaccurate, heat levels can drop too far or you may find your spaces overheated, which wastes energy.

The benefits of electric radiators with digital thermostats

  • Comfortable, Uniform Temperatures

    By accurately monitoring the heat level of your room, our electric radiators with thermostats make sure temperatures never drift too far away from your ideal.

  • Outstanding Efficiency

    The precision thermostats in our electric radiators make sure you never waste energy by overheating your spaces. They switch off the heater the moment the target is reached.

  • Easy DIY Installation

    Many of our electric radiators are suitable for quick DIY installation with no professional callouts needed – look for our ‘Plug & Go’ icon to find products suitable for self-install.

  • Sizes & Styles for All Spaces

    It’s not just their thermostats that make them sophisticated – our electric radiators come in a range of styles, sizes and finishes to match any interior style.

  • Heating that Fits Your Lifestyle

    To complement their accurate heat management, our electric radiators also come with timers and 24/7 digital programming so you can take total control over your energy usage.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All of our electric radiators with precision thermostats are Lot 20 compliant and meet the latest EU energy efficiency standards, representing the very best quality.

Why are electric radiator thermostats so accurate?

Traditional mechanical thermostats – most often associated with older heating systems – are notoriously inaccurate because of how their basic design detects changes in temperature. On the inside of these thermostats are metallic strips which expand when they heat and contract when they cool, which is how they tell your heating when to switch on and off. It’s an unresponsive process and often means your room temperatures can drift by a few degrees, causing large temperature peaks and troughs. Your room may overheat, causing you to waste energy unnecessarily, or your room might get too cold, causing your heating system to have to work harder to reach your ideal temperature again. Electric radiators don’t have this issue – they use electronic thermostats with highly accurate sensors which monitor your room temperature with greater precision. They’re often accurate to within a fraction of a degree, ensuring that temperatures never drift too far away from your preferred settings. This doesn’t just make sure you’re kept cosy: it also means that your electric radiators never waste energy by overheating your space and won’t need to use as much energy to top up your temperatures. Simply put, an electric radiator with a precision thermostat is an absolute must for energy-efficient heating and it’s one of the main ways to ensure your running costs are kept as low as possible.

Do all electric radiators come with precision thermostats?

Older electric radiators and more basic portable models may not come with digital thermostats so it’s always advisable to check before buying. We recommend choosing an electric radiator with thermostat and timer functionality to ensure that they will use energy economically and make it easy to control your room temperature. All of the electric radiators in our range come with highly accurate thermostats and timers to keep your spaces at the exact right comfort temperature, so whichever product you choose, you can purchase with confidence knowing that they’re optimised for efficiency. Our electric radiators also come with weekly digital programming so that they’re only ever drawing energy at times dictated by your schedule, streamlining your running costs even further. An electric radiator timer or programmer is a vital feature to look for if you’re planning on using your electric heating on a daily basis because it will keep your costs low with little effort.

Energy-efficient features to save you money

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    Our electric radiators with precision thermostats also come with adaptive start, which works out when to start pre-heating your spaces so they’re the right temperature using the least amount of energy.

  • Open Window Detection

    Electric radiators with open window detection will pause their heating schedule whenever they detect a sharp drop in temperature to prevent you from wasting energy trying to warm a rapidly cooling room.

  • WiFi Distance Control

    Look for our electric radiators with Bluetooth and WiFi control for even more in-depth heat management options that you can access from anywhere in the world using a compatible smartphone or tablet.